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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Naughty or Nice?

Go to this link to see whether Bryan has made Santa's naughty or nice list:


I thought this was pretty coolio. Merry Christmas!!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Bryan and I had the best Halloween we had experienced as a married couple. Last year we stayed home, watched scary movies and handed out candy to only three groups of kids that came by. This year, however, we had the wonderful opportunity to go to our friends, The Bassetts, house in Lehi and go trick-or-treating with them and their most adorable kids! The oldest, unfortunately, was sick and didn't get to come with us, but we still collected candy for him anyway. Bryan and I were Dodgers, of course. The baby slept, the youngest girl, Bella, was a mouse and the oldest girl, Sammy, was a pirate. We didn't get to take any pictures because the battery for our camera has officially died and doesn't want to recharge anymore. We will buy another one someday though! We have discoverd that Utah is very generous on Halloween. We have to admit, we did collect candy for ourselves as well and got a TON of candy just by going around the block! Someone was even giving out full size candy bars! There was also a family giving out Stephen's hot chocolate for the adults which was very yummy! After trick-or-treating in the rain, we came back and made dirt cups and watched the movie Casper on their projector. It was so much fun to go trick-or-treating with them. Bella was so cute because she kept dragging her heavy bag of candy around, but when one of us offered to carry it for her, she would refuse. The girls were also very generous with giving us even more of their candy, but I would feel bad so I made sure they would only trade with me. We seriously had the best time! Although we did miss out seeing our nephew Henry on his adorable scarecrow costume. I told Johann and Deborah that they will have to dress him up for me another time.

This picture is not from Halloween, but it's just to show the cutest girls from the family that we love in Lehi. Bella is on the left and Sammy on the right. They absolutely LOVE when Bryan and I come over and don't leave us alone until we leave! That is ok with us because we love them too!