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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Catching Up is Hard to Do

Max and I have had a rough winter. I am just not creative enough to have a toddler stuck inside all day long. But here is a summary of some of the things we managed to learn and entertain ourselves with:

Max's grand-aunt sent this with one of my visiting cousins from Uruguay. Doesn't he seriously look like a little Uruguayan baby? I love it!
Max likes to eat our cereal straight from the bowl.
Max has learned the purpose of a key.
And an oven mitt. He began putting the mitt on whenever the kitchen timer would go off.
Max strategically placed all these blocks.
We've done lots and lots and lots of tunnel play.
Max decided the best place to shine the flashlight was on the ceiling, though he was rarely able to successfully do so and look at the light at same time.
We witnessed this beautiful sunset.
We watched a lot of tv...
We received our Christmas boxes! That was a joy!
Max took his first bubble bath.
He mastered the art of can stacking.
We took cute pictures.
Max received a life-saver fire truck from his Abuela. 
This has been able to able to occupy him a ton!

Max dove into the ink well in our printer...twice.
I cut my hair short accidentally on purpose.
We read LOTS of books and continue to do so.
When we couldn't find a hair brush after bath time, we tried out a new hair style.
Max learned he could squeeze quite nicely into the cupboard.
I discovered another life-saver and brought his mattress into the living room. He jumped and tumbled and slammed on it for a good amount of time and continues to ask to do this from time-to-time.
I made this amazing cloud dough that I found on Pinterest: 8 cups flour, 1 cup baby oil. It is so soft, mold-able, last for days, and cleans up quite nicely.
The easy clean-up is necessary when your toddler makes this kind of mess. 
We were blessed by the Jones grandparents with some money to buy a really nice art set. We got a super cute and nice toddler table and chairs, crayons, play-dough, fingerpaint, and paper. Max asks to do some kind of art at least once a day. I just have to stay super close to him because he WILL eat everything any chance he gets!
Luckily this cute, precious sweetie made the whole winter so much easier to bear.

*It's really not that hard finding things to entertain Max with since he's pretty easy-going; just my lack of creativity, our lack of money and Max's short attention span makes it more difficult for me. I'm so grateful for this warmer weather that we've been having where we can all get out of the apartment, go to the park and have a good time.