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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sleepy Baby and Big Boy Bed

I check on Max every night before I go to bed and often have a hard time resisting taking a picture of my sweet sleeping boy.



New Bed! We bought it for super cheap off of KSL, which is something I may never do again. It was barely worth all the trouble. Advertised as a twin bed, I think it was actually part of a bunk bed and the slats certainly weren't the original slats. Where this bed should have had 8 holes total, it had at least 20. This took way more work than it should have, but I guess it still looks pretty decent if you don't look to close. And Max loves it.

 Max wanted to paint with me.
 Last night sleeping in his crib!
 At first when I started to take his crib apart, Max was confused and upset, but when I asked him if wanted to sleep on his new Paw Patrol bed, he was totally ok with it and even helped me take it down.



 He doesn't sleep any better in this bed; still wakes up a few times a night and I THINK he's fallen out of it twice, but I can't be too sure. Bryan and I find ourselves falling asleep on it on occasion because his new mattress is sooo comfy!

Hike to the Y

Let the record show, in October we hiked up to the Y, with Max, and we made it all the way! It was such a fun hike; Max had such a blast and talked about it for a couple weeks after. Max did a lot more walking than I expected, but Bryan and I did have to take turns carrying him up the slopes. Bryan and I each took a turn carrying Max down, while Max attempted to nap on us. I guess it really tuckered him out!

Friday, January 9, 2015


In the fall we took a drive up to Provo Canyon to have a picnic. I forget how beautiful Utah can be in the fall! California is kind of brown year round and Washington is green year round, so it was nice to see the trees change.

We didn't make it to a corn maze this year, which kind of bummed me out, but we were able to go to this small farm thing for free with Bryan's brother's work. They are not usually open at night which is when the free thing was and they weren't very equipped to host night-time activities. They had a corn maze, but to get you it you had to go on a hay ride in the pitch black night and then do the maze in pitch black as well, so we skipped on it. They did have a giant hard plastic tarp thing set up on a hill that Max enjoyed and he like the petting zoo area enough, but only touched the animals because I told him to.
Every kid got a free pumpkin and Max chose this poor little sap. We convinced to pick a different one, but I feel bad about making him switch. I like him to choose things for himself and let him enjoy the choices he makes.

Max INSISTED on being Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates on the Disney Jr. Channel, even though he's watched the show maybe twice. Our ward Halloween party was the Saturday before Halloween and people did a great job decorating their rooms for trick-or-treating!
I'm pretty sure all he ate for dinner was a roll and a cookie.
 It took Max a few rooms to figure out the whole trick-or-treating thing.
 Indiana Jones themed!
All Max cared about were the suckers.
 Max running down the hill.
 We finally carved our pumpkin last minute on Halloween.

 Hermoine! I always wanted to be Hermoine for Halloween because I could just brush my hair to make it big, but it didn't end up nearly as fluffy as I thought it would!
 We went trunk-or-treating at the cousin's ward and by this time Max pretty much had the hang of it.
 He was the cutest little Jake!
 Afterward we did a bit of door-to-door trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.