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Sunday, June 28, 2009

California Dreaming

Last weekend Bryan and I were able to go to the wonderful Southern California! Oh what a MUCH needed vacation that was! Last term was probably the toughest term/semester that I have had here at BYU. Word to the wise, do not take PdBio 220 (Anatomy) unless you absolutely have to!!! Needless to say, an hour through my two hour final, I was done! But we finished finals and headed off to sunny California! Oh how we miss the place! The drive down was long, but we decided to take our precious time, stopping in St. George for In N' Out and buying a new camera at Best Buy (it's about time!). We got home at about 10pm, but didn't get to bed until 12pm, because my parents were just so excited to see us that they kept us up till late (and vice versa). We spent Thursday mostly with my family, visiting my brother's new house and having barbeque pork for dinner. We did have the chance to see Bryan's mom that morning to, which was really nice. Friday, the beloved of all days, we went to Disneyland!!!!! We have been waiting for SOOOO long to finally go there again, that we didn't waste one minute of our time. We woke up about six in the morning to eat at the Original Pancake House (which is a tradition for Bryan's family to go to before Disneyland). Bryan's mom was supposed to come with us and then his dad was going to meet us at the park later on, but his mom couldn't find her annual pass and we were forced to leave her behind. It was such a bummer! We got to the park later than we hoped, so we decided to start our day at California Adventure and be there when it opened. After lunch, we headed in to Disneyland (doesn't that name just make you all giddy inside?)! The park was open from 9am-12am so of course we made sure that we were in line for our last ride by 12 at night. (That's the secret, as long as you are in line for a ride by the time the park closes, they don't kick you out). I think we ended up leaving the park around 12:30am. Our feet and my back were KILLING us by the end of the day. Saturday we did NOT set our alarms to wake us up in the morning. We were SO tired! We spent the majority of the day with Bryan's family and had a huge barbeque with both families (can you tell we love barbequing?). It was so nice just to be able to watch movies with his parents and spend the day relaxing. Our time in Riverside was way too short, so we plan to go down again in August! Somehow, we only managed to take pictures at Disneyland, but here are a few of our favorites:

On one of our most favorite rides: The Matterhorn!

After dinner where we had a much needed rest. Isn't he just so cute?!

This reminds me of Hawaii (so did the yummy fresh Dole pineapple whip we had here at the Tiki Room)

Sporting our 3D glasses for Toy Story Midway Mania (such a good ride!!)

The beautiful Sleeping Beauty's Castle at night