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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Reasons Life is Great

First off, I wanted to start the blog with an older picture from a month ago of me and my wonderful Halloween pumpkin! I thought I looked really cute in this picture, so I had to put it up ;) See, I told you I looked cute! Haha. Ok, ok. That's enough of the self-flattery. So as you all may know, there is now an In-N-Out in Provo, UT! Woohoo! Although we still hold firm to the notion that Utah does not quite deserve it, we are neverless still ecstatic about it. We were on our way to delight in the delishessness of this glorious place, when we stopped suddenly in our tracks, only to find...the line. That line was longer than any line I have seen at Disneyland! I had heard that it was about an hours wait for the drive-thru. Bumm-er! Anyway, we decided to forget about it and figured the next time we'd have it, would be when we go down to California. But alas! We were extremely bored one night and figured there was nothing better for us to do than wait in the line. Turns out, it's only about a 20 minute wait. We ate our In-N-Out like it was the last morsel of food left in this world. Thanksgiving soon came and went. Thanks to the BYU vs Utah football game, we stayed in Provo for the break. That turned out to be just fine. Our wonderful sister-in-law's parents (Sarah's) were so kind as to invite us over for Thanksgiving dinner and what an experience that was for us! I always thought I had a big family of 6, plus my aunt, uncle and cousin would always come over for the big Thanksgiving feast, but the Wadsworth's have 11 children, 5 son-in-laws, and about 10 grandchildren who were all there. It was an experience like none other and it was wonderful! Her family is so kind and generous and we really feel like we're family when we are over at their house. Sadly, we didn't take our camera to the big event, but it was so much fun nonetheless.
And last, but most definately not the least, one of the biggest rivalries in the nation: the BYU vs Utah football game, and what a game it was! Wow, we have never been to such an exciting game. So pretty much, BYU had to win, or our parents would have been so mad that we didn't come down for Thanksgiving just to see them lose. After the game was over, Bryan and I joined the many other fans and "charged the field". (The only reason I put that in quotation marks is because I was afraid of getting trampled by the hundreds of fans, so by the time I decided I was ok with it, pretty much everyone was already on the field, so it wasn't much of a charge anymore). Anyway, it was so much fun! When will we ever get another chance to go onto the field after a game?? Also, by some coinkidink, we just happened to be standing in the pathway that all the football players were taking to get off the field, so of course we just had to pat their packs and helmets (those that I could reach) and scream at them as they trudged on by. It was magnificent! Here is a video of some of the players walking by us and all the screaming fans surrounding. You may want to turn the volume down if you're going to watch it.

P.S. Scrubs starts Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Musical Wonders


When will America catch on and do this? If BYU would do this I would LOVE to walk up the stairs to school everyday!!