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Thursday, December 3, 2009


This never gets old! Aside from me and Bryan, my brother Johann, his wife Deborah, and their son Henry are all in the video :D
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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Reasons Life is Great

First off, I wanted to start the blog with an older picture from a month ago of me and my wonderful Halloween pumpkin! I thought I looked really cute in this picture, so I had to put it up ;) See, I told you I looked cute! Haha. Ok, ok. That's enough of the self-flattery. So as you all may know, there is now an In-N-Out in Provo, UT! Woohoo! Although we still hold firm to the notion that Utah does not quite deserve it, we are neverless still ecstatic about it. We were on our way to delight in the delishessness of this glorious place, when we stopped suddenly in our tracks, only to find...the line. That line was longer than any line I have seen at Disneyland! I had heard that it was about an hours wait for the drive-thru. Bumm-er! Anyway, we decided to forget about it and figured the next time we'd have it, would be when we go down to California. But alas! We were extremely bored one night and figured there was nothing better for us to do than wait in the line. Turns out, it's only about a 20 minute wait. We ate our In-N-Out like it was the last morsel of food left in this world. Thanksgiving soon came and went. Thanks to the BYU vs Utah football game, we stayed in Provo for the break. That turned out to be just fine. Our wonderful sister-in-law's parents (Sarah's) were so kind as to invite us over for Thanksgiving dinner and what an experience that was for us! I always thought I had a big family of 6, plus my aunt, uncle and cousin would always come over for the big Thanksgiving feast, but the Wadsworth's have 11 children, 5 son-in-laws, and about 10 grandchildren who were all there. It was an experience like none other and it was wonderful! Her family is so kind and generous and we really feel like we're family when we are over at their house. Sadly, we didn't take our camera to the big event, but it was so much fun nonetheless.
And last, but most definately not the least, one of the biggest rivalries in the nation: the BYU vs Utah football game, and what a game it was! Wow, we have never been to such an exciting game. So pretty much, BYU had to win, or our parents would have been so mad that we didn't come down for Thanksgiving just to see them lose. After the game was over, Bryan and I joined the many other fans and "charged the field". (The only reason I put that in quotation marks is because I was afraid of getting trampled by the hundreds of fans, so by the time I decided I was ok with it, pretty much everyone was already on the field, so it wasn't much of a charge anymore). Anyway, it was so much fun! When will we ever get another chance to go onto the field after a game?? Also, by some coinkidink, we just happened to be standing in the pathway that all the football players were taking to get off the field, so of course we just had to pat their packs and helmets (those that I could reach) and scream at them as they trudged on by. It was magnificent! Here is a video of some of the players walking by us and all the screaming fans surrounding. You may want to turn the volume down if you're going to watch it.

P.S. Scrubs starts Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Musical Wonders


When will America catch on and do this? If BYU would do this I would LOVE to walk up the stairs to school everyday!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Summerized Summer

So here's the thing. I know I haven't written in a while and I'm not sure the actual reason why. It could be because I'm too lazy, or because I like reading other people's blogs rather than writing my own, or possibly because I feel like no one reads my blog anyway, so I don't see much of a point. Or of course, a combination of the three. Well, no matter the reason, even if no one reads this (maybe once we have a baby people will be more interested), I am going to continue on just for my sake. I want to be able to have these memories :) So without further adeu, here is a brief summary of our summer and fall thus far:

We went to California for a second time this summer and went to not one, but TWO Dodger games in one week and it was fabulous!

My Dad, my brother and me

My wonderful husband and his dad

We're not sweaty I promise, it was very misty that night

The beautiful Dodger Stadium as we walk away

We visited the tide pools in San Diego

My Dad really wanted to sit in the top deck. He thought it would be so much fun (which is the main reason we went to a second game). It actually has a pretty good view.

We took seriously nifty pictures through the binoculars. It gave this really neat shadow effect.

Our new camera takes these pretty amazing panoramic shots too.

Mi familia
Ok. Enough with the Dodger pictures already. This blog entry is now very disproportionate because of it. Sorry!

Bryan had a Birthday! This is his joyous face when he opened up the tickets for the Blink-182 concert! He was seriously ecstatic and so surprised, I love it!

Bryan with all of his gifts (cell phone unpictured, but included in the presents)

My brother, sister-in-law and nephew. (Johann also had a birthday a couple weeks after this, but I didn't take my camera. I really need to be better at that)

On the way to the Blink-182 concert!!!!
So we had didn't know that we were allowed to bring our camera into the concert until we were at the front of the line and it was too late :( We took pictures with our phone, but you can't really see anything at all.

So here's a sign of the concert. Also, Taking Back Sunday was there too and they were amazing in concert! And so was Blink-182, oh my goodness they were so good!!!!

About to head off to our first football game of the season! I wish I had an after photo though, what a disappointment it was. Oh well. Still fun :)

Our camera has some pretty good zoom too. (We could have had awesome pictures of Blink considering how ridiculously close we were to begin with, but what can you do?)

We also welcomed a new member to the family!!!!!!!

Ethan Mark was 8lbs 13oz and born the day before Bryan's birthday, September 3rd.

Ok, ok, ok. So he's not OUR baby, but our new nephew, born to Bryan's brother Daniel and his beautiful wife Sarah :)

Last picture, my other nephew Henry. We were playing The Beatles Rock Band for Johann's birthday. Henry watched Bryan put his guitar on and went over to the other guitar and did the exact same thing and tried to play it. It was SO CUTE!

Well, I hope you enjoyed our "brief" summary of our summer up till now. Tune in for more exciting news to come!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Rebuttal

If you have not done so, please see the previous post first. Thanks!

Anything but Monopoly

Natalie and I played Monopoly today. It did not end well! This is basically a play-by-play of what happened. Two competitive people playing a game by themselves is never a good thing. You gotta love stripgenerator.com!

Owlz Excitment

Yesterday was so much fun, just being able to hang out with my hubby all day was wonderful! Bryan, unwantingly, took me to the Farmer's Market here in Provo that I have been wanting to go to for a very long time now (for some strange reason), but it turned out to be quite pointless because we didn't even think of bringing cash with us so I couldn't buy corn or anything I wanted to. So that lasted about 5 minutes, but now we know for next time. Afterwards, another unwanting Bryan (he's the best), took me to see Julie & Julia. I felt so bad because I practically begged him to go with me to see it and to be honest, it was quite a dissapointment. Imagine my guilt after that. It was a cute movie though, I just wouldn't choose to see it again. After eating our traditional Pretzelmaker, we headed home for a much beloved nap :) My favorite! For dinner, we decided to try that Zupas place that has just soups, salads and sandwiches and holy cow, it was so good! And cheap! Bryan got the ever so delicious Lobster Bisque and I got the delightful New Orleans Style Gumbo. I thought it was great because they give you each a chocolate covered strawberry, which is quite random to me, but yummy as well! After, we were going to see a movie at the dollar theater, but when we got there, the line was just ridiculously long, so instead we headed out to the Owlz baseball game. I LOVE going to baseball games with Bryan! It's possibly one of my favorite things to do. (Of course it would be better if it was a Dodger's game, but what can you do when you are stuck in Utah). I love spending time with Bryan. He just makes me so happy and no matter what, always makes me laugh and I just adore him with a passion!!!

This was the first Owlz game that we've been to where they've won

The mascots, Hootz and Holly, got married. It was kind of awkard.

But they had fireworks!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2 yrs come and gone

Yesterday was our two year anniversary and it was wonderful! Bryan got me the prettiest pink flower and brought it to me at work, which made everyone jealous :) He also bought us both the new BYU Football shirts for the season, Go Cougars! We actually decided to celebrate part of our anniversary early by getting each other's gifts like over a week ago. Bryan had been begging for his MVP Baseball 05 game for the PS2, since his is all scratched up. We just happened to be at the mall and saw it for only two bucks, so how can you pass that up and not buy it? Exactly! I was a little jealous, admittedly, so we went right ahead and bought my gift which is one of my new favorite movies, Coraline! Anyway, back to our actual anniversary yesterday. After Bryan got off work, we went to Red Lobster. We have been dreaming about going there for the longest time and already knew what we were going to get. We decided to share one of their new location inspired dishes, the Maine Lobster and Crab bake and holy cow it was so good! Lobster tails, crab legs, shrimp, scallops, potatoes, corn on the cob, and broccoli. What more could you ask for? My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Unfortunately, I forgot I had my camera so I didn't get a picture. The night ended just as perfectly as it started with my mom's signature home made cherry cheescake. Yumm-o! What a fantastic day it was :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh, I love you Bryan...

Bryan is going to hate me for this, but I just couldn't help myself!

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

California Dreaming

Last weekend Bryan and I were able to go to the wonderful Southern California! Oh what a MUCH needed vacation that was! Last term was probably the toughest term/semester that I have had here at BYU. Word to the wise, do not take PdBio 220 (Anatomy) unless you absolutely have to!!! Needless to say, an hour through my two hour final, I was done! But we finished finals and headed off to sunny California! Oh how we miss the place! The drive down was long, but we decided to take our precious time, stopping in St. George for In N' Out and buying a new camera at Best Buy (it's about time!). We got home at about 10pm, but didn't get to bed until 12pm, because my parents were just so excited to see us that they kept us up till late (and vice versa). We spent Thursday mostly with my family, visiting my brother's new house and having barbeque pork for dinner. We did have the chance to see Bryan's mom that morning to, which was really nice. Friday, the beloved of all days, we went to Disneyland!!!!! We have been waiting for SOOOO long to finally go there again, that we didn't waste one minute of our time. We woke up about six in the morning to eat at the Original Pancake House (which is a tradition for Bryan's family to go to before Disneyland). Bryan's mom was supposed to come with us and then his dad was going to meet us at the park later on, but his mom couldn't find her annual pass and we were forced to leave her behind. It was such a bummer! We got to the park later than we hoped, so we decided to start our day at California Adventure and be there when it opened. After lunch, we headed in to Disneyland (doesn't that name just make you all giddy inside?)! The park was open from 9am-12am so of course we made sure that we were in line for our last ride by 12 at night. (That's the secret, as long as you are in line for a ride by the time the park closes, they don't kick you out). I think we ended up leaving the park around 12:30am. Our feet and my back were KILLING us by the end of the day. Saturday we did NOT set our alarms to wake us up in the morning. We were SO tired! We spent the majority of the day with Bryan's family and had a huge barbeque with both families (can you tell we love barbequing?). It was so nice just to be able to watch movies with his parents and spend the day relaxing. Our time in Riverside was way too short, so we plan to go down again in August! Somehow, we only managed to take pictures at Disneyland, but here are a few of our favorites:

On one of our most favorite rides: The Matterhorn!

After dinner where we had a much needed rest. Isn't he just so cute?!

This reminds me of Hawaii (so did the yummy fresh Dole pineapple whip we had here at the Tiki Room)

Sporting our 3D glasses for Toy Story Midway Mania (such a good ride!!)

The beautiful Sleeping Beauty's Castle at night