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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Halfway to Our Future

20 Weeks!!

I am halfway through my pregnancy and am feeling pretty good. I'm just hungry all the time and my lower back really likes to be in pain, which I would prefer it not to be. If you haven't seen by other means, Bryan and I have decided to name the baby Max Aidan Jones. Max has been the only boy name either of us really liked from the beginning. We seriously went through hundreds and hundreds of names and nothing stood out to us in the least! So Max was easily agreed upon. I feel him kick ALL THE TIME now!!! I started feeling flutters around week 15 and by week 17 there was definite kicking and punching going on, but usually just at night. Now, he's having a kick fest morning, day and night. I LOVE feeling him kick!! It's such a wonderful feeling to know he's alive, well and active. I just can't wait until Bryan will be able to feel him from the outside so he can experience a little of the joy I feel every day. (However, I do still think it is extremely bizarre and unnatural.)

In other news, Bryan has accepted a spot in the Gonzaga University law program in Spokane, WA. It looks like that's where we'll be heading in August if BYU decides not to get back to him (he is currently on the wait list). Aside from the fact that we'll be extremely far away from our families, we are actually very excited for this new adventure to begin. Spokane seems like a very lovely place and I hear it has a very strong Mormon population, which is always nice. I'm so nervous for Bryan to start law school and hope the transition is easy for him. It will be something different indeed.