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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Goodbye Saturn

Hello Nissan Versa!!!

Well, we bought a brand spankin' new car and it's crazy! We finally got to the point that we realized our 2-door, 7-yr-old, 99,000 mile, 4 seater Saturn Ion just wasn't going to cut it for us anymore. Our main concern was for the safety of our little baby coming in a couple of months. Our Saturn was just not a good fit for having a baby in the backseat at all whatsoever. Our next concern was with how much longer our car would even last us if we kept it for another few years and we figured we might as well trade it in now while it's still worth something. Our resolution? We found pretty much the cheapest car on the market with great interior space and an actual warranty. My advice to anyone buying a new car: 1) bring snacks because you will be there for a really long time and 2) try and walk out on the dealer at least twice in order to get a way lower interest rate and way higher value for your trade in. Well, our new car better last us a quite a while because after today I DO NOT plan on buying a new car for a very, very long time. Overall we are very happy about our purchase and feel really really good about making the decision. Our stress now comes from learning to live REALLY cheap while in law school so we can make sure to make our payments every month. I think that won't be a problem, but I seriously have to stop thinking about it because it's giving me buyer's remorse, even though I know we ultimately made the right decision. Oh yeah, the deal we were getting was only for a white car. I wish it were a more exciting color, but I guess there wasn't much we could do about that, so I'm still happy.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Fun

We haven't been able to do too many fun activities this summer with work getting in the way all the time, but the few things we have done have been very enjoyable. For Memorial Day, Bryan and I had the pleasure of attending a Dodger game! Despite everything happening off the field, we certainly still support our team and the players in the game. Memorial Day was a dollar Dodger Dog day so needless to say, we indulged and had about six hot dogs between the two of us. It's so strange; I don't like hot dogs and will only eat them if I have to, but there is just something so delicious about eating Dodger Dogs at Dodger Stadium.

You know wat that means: Dodgers Win!

Another activity that we actually have pictures of is our trip to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park (previously known as the Wild Animal Park). Despite it being a little hot and humid and walking around all day, it was pretty relaxing to go and just look at all the animals. Bryan's dad was generous enough to take us for a day trip.

Bryan second favorite (his first being the cheetahs). This was such a lazy little meerkat, but so cute.

There are too few pictures with Bryan and I AND my belly. Behind us they brought out a cheetah cub for us to see.

This cheetah cub LOVED his little panda bear. The lady told us about how each cheetah is partnered up with a dog and the cheetah learns from the dog how to react to the situations they are put in.

My absolute favorite, the tigers! They get such a huge enclosure that you rarely ever get a chance to see them and I was pretty much only able to do so through the wonderful zoom on our new camera.

And lastly a new belly pic! I am now 28.5 weeks pregnant and in my third trimester! I'm in the home stretch! It's hasn't quite sunken in just how close I am to being due because my focus has pretty much been on us moving in just a few weeks. I figure once that's out of the way, then I'll realize just how close I am to having the baby. I've been feeling pretty darn good. My main complaint is my swollen feet :(. It only happens on the weekend because I am on my feet walking 8 hours a day Monday through Friday, but the moment the weekend hits, my feet become the fattest things I have ever seen and it can be quite painful sometimes. Bryan and I are still just so excited for the baby to be born and 9 months is seriously too long!!