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Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Fun

Halloween was a ton of fun! I just love watching Max experience new things and try to figure things out. We went to our ward chili feed and trunk-or-treat.

Max dressed up as a little blue monster. I love these Carter's costumes because they are so warm! We dressed him up for his speech appointment and he is such a cutie!
 Bryan and I thought it would be fun for him to grow out his beard just so he can say he did it once in his life. Max curiosity peeked and he kept rubbing it. Every time Bryan kisses Max, he curls up and giggles because it tickles.
 I LOVE this picture! It's so great when I can get a good picture of the two of them because Bryan doesn't like taking pictures and Max never smiles for them.
 I decided last minute to dress up. I was going to go for 80s theme, but I feel like it's so cliche, especially among Mormon girls for whatever reason. So instead I went for the 90s grunge look. I kind of like it.
In true 90s grunge fashion, I hadn't washed my hair in probably like, 3 days.
 Max would only eat the cornbread at the chili feed. Figures.
 While Max was still eating his, he reached over and stole Bryan's and double-fisted it.
 Max loved being on the stage.
 Max was so unsure of everything that was going on at the trunk-or-treat. He followed our directions of walking up to the cars and holding up his bucket, but he had no idea why he was doing it. Occasionally he would sign please and thank you, but he didn't really understand what was going on. Halfway through, we gave him some candy and he would no longer hold the bucket and just wanted to eat the candy and run around. By the end, however, he willingly went up to the people and took candy from them, once he realized what they were handing out.
 Max was doing a little jig.
I thought these were some cute comparison pictures from last year :)
 I tried getting Bryan to dress up this year, but he wasn't into it.
 We came home and watched Monsters University and Max actually watched it on and off. There's hope yet for me to be able to watch Disney movies with him!
 Pretty good haul for 15 minutes of trunk-or-treating. We separated what Max is able to eat and what he can't since he's still too young. My hope was that Bryan and I would eat from the pile that Max can't eat, but we both like all the candies in the pile Max CAN eat from! I don't think the candy's going to last long.
 I probably let him eat way too much candy last night. Max had so much fun for Halloween though! I can't wait to see what adventures are in store for us next year!