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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Farm Fresh Fruit

While my parents were here, we went cherry picking up at the Green Bluff farms while Bryan was at work. We went at the very beginning of the week set up for cherry picking and came home with over 7 pounds of cherries! We were having too much fun and couldn't stop picking! Max had fun too and once he realized he could eat the cherries, he had the time of his life! We picked Bing and Rainier cherries (which I learned is a cherry cross-breed invented right here in the good ole state of Washington).
 Max loves going on outings!
 He had fun carrying the bucket for a bit.
 They told us the best cherries were at the tops of the trees. Luckily my dad is super tall so he was able to get way up there!
 Max figured the ones on the ground were more his level so he would add them to the bucket and we'd have to secretly toss them when he wasn't looking.
 He didn't understand what I was trying to do here.
 Turned around and he had a whole line of them on the ladder.
 Finally realizing they were edible and yummy!
 Trying to climb with a cherry in his hand.
 Mmmm...These were the best cherries I've ever had!
 He wouldn't let go of that cherry in his hand.
 My sweet baby falling asleep in the car.
Soooooo many cherries!! And some rasberries. We were too tired by the end to pick too many rasberries.

Bryan was jealous that we went to the farms without him, so after my parents left, we went back and picked some duck eggs, strawberries and onions! We tried to get more cherries, but they told us we'd be lucky to find any, since it was such a small harvest that year. The farm we went to this time was a nutritional farm where they grow their foods with things like kelp.
 Max was so excited when he saw this tractor. He's only seen them in books and his toy.
 Taste testing.
 Max had a blast running around the farm!
 They had some toys for the youngens.
 We always seem to go strawberry picking on the hottest day of the summer.
 My poor sweaty baby.
The onions were POTENT! So flavorful and they burned my eyes so badly. They were worth it though. Yum, yum, yum. I can't wait until the apple festival and pumpkins!!!