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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


My very own Birthday was about two weeks ago on the 4th of February and what a wonderful day it was! The night before I told Bryan that I was OK with not being made breakfast in bed (like he usually does) because I thoroughly enjoy my sleep and didn't want to be waken up any earlier than I had to. So instead, he woke up early, walked over to Shirley's bakery around the corner (this was when our car was still broken) and brought me a very yummy cinnamon roll that I was able to take to work with me. I love my husband so much! He takes care of me and knows what I like! Work and school were pretty uneventful (why do we have to go on our birthdays again?). But later that night my brother and sister-in-law came over for some pizza and yummy strawberry cake with cheesecake frosting. I awkwardly opened my presents in front of everyone, but was very happy with everything I received. I was really just happy to enjoy the company of the family that I love. Oh, and my nephew Henry is just so entertaining to watch. Friday the 6th was my sister-in-law, Deborah's birthday! So as a combined treat we went to the oh so mouthwatering Goodwood BBQ. How can you not resist a delicious rack of ribs on your birthday? Then we went over to their house (Johann and Deborah's) for some more yummy cake and Scrabble (which I won by the way, but who's bragging..) It was a good week!

(I stole these pics from Deborah's blog. I hope you don't mind! We still need a battery for our camera!)

On to Valentine's day! We had a fabulous Valentine's day. Thanks to my birthday present from Johann and Deborah (mentioned above) I got to go to Kohl's (my favorite department store) and pick out some lovely decoration to add to our apartment. If you want to see them, you'll have to come over. Sorry! Finally, after much debating on whether we wanted to go to the Olive Garden or Brick Oven for dinner, we chose the less expensive option and went to Brick Oven. There are no regrets! Their caesar salads, garlic bread and pizza are delicious!! Plus, apparently my friend works there that I haven't seen in a really long time, which was really cool. After our yummy, early dinner (we went at 4 so as to avoid the V-day crowd), we went to see Coraline in 3D. Now that was a good movie! However, I will NOT be showing it to my kids until they are much older! We ended the evening with our most favoritest cake in the world: Rainbow Chip cake with Rainbow Chip icing. We can't ever seem to find that stuff anywhere until I discovered that it seems to b the only cake that the Creamery sells! And it is GOOOOOD too! Well, there's our current update and we hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day as we did!

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tyler and emily said...

What fun ways to spend your holidays! (Yes, in my book, I view Bdays as holidays... I always take my birthday off ^_^)
I agree... opening presents in front of people is awkward! I've never liked it.
Good choices on places to eat. Goodwood is fantastic and I've been craving pizza for a while now.
I never thought of looking at Kohls for decorations. Great idea. And I'll definitely have to try that cake you mentioned. Mmmm.