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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Summerized Summer

So here's the thing. I know I haven't written in a while and I'm not sure the actual reason why. It could be because I'm too lazy, or because I like reading other people's blogs rather than writing my own, or possibly because I feel like no one reads my blog anyway, so I don't see much of a point. Or of course, a combination of the three. Well, no matter the reason, even if no one reads this (maybe once we have a baby people will be more interested), I am going to continue on just for my sake. I want to be able to have these memories :) So without further adeu, here is a brief summary of our summer and fall thus far:

We went to California for a second time this summer and went to not one, but TWO Dodger games in one week and it was fabulous!

My Dad, my brother and me

My wonderful husband and his dad

We're not sweaty I promise, it was very misty that night

The beautiful Dodger Stadium as we walk away

We visited the tide pools in San Diego

My Dad really wanted to sit in the top deck. He thought it would be so much fun (which is the main reason we went to a second game). It actually has a pretty good view.

We took seriously nifty pictures through the binoculars. It gave this really neat shadow effect.

Our new camera takes these pretty amazing panoramic shots too.

Mi familia
Ok. Enough with the Dodger pictures already. This blog entry is now very disproportionate because of it. Sorry!

Bryan had a Birthday! This is his joyous face when he opened up the tickets for the Blink-182 concert! He was seriously ecstatic and so surprised, I love it!

Bryan with all of his gifts (cell phone unpictured, but included in the presents)

My brother, sister-in-law and nephew. (Johann also had a birthday a couple weeks after this, but I didn't take my camera. I really need to be better at that)

On the way to the Blink-182 concert!!!!
So we had didn't know that we were allowed to bring our camera into the concert until we were at the front of the line and it was too late :( We took pictures with our phone, but you can't really see anything at all.

So here's a sign of the concert. Also, Taking Back Sunday was there too and they were amazing in concert! And so was Blink-182, oh my goodness they were so good!!!!

About to head off to our first football game of the season! I wish I had an after photo though, what a disappointment it was. Oh well. Still fun :)

Our camera has some pretty good zoom too. (We could have had awesome pictures of Blink considering how ridiculously close we were to begin with, but what can you do?)

We also welcomed a new member to the family!!!!!!!

Ethan Mark was 8lbs 13oz and born the day before Bryan's birthday, September 3rd.

Ok, ok, ok. So he's not OUR baby, but our new nephew, born to Bryan's brother Daniel and his beautiful wife Sarah :)

Last picture, my other nephew Henry. We were playing The Beatles Rock Band for Johann's birthday. Henry watched Bryan put his guitar on and went over to the other guitar and did the exact same thing and tried to play it. It was SO CUTE!

Well, I hope you enjoyed our "brief" summary of our summer up till now. Tune in for more exciting news to come!


tyler and emily said...

Ok... let's see if I can remember everything I was thinking of while reading...
I love reading your blog! I know what you mean though.
I think those Dodger pictures through the binoculars are awesome!! How cool. It looks like you did something fancy with your camera or in photoshop.
Good job with the Blink-182 tickets. What an awesome wife. Happy late B-day Bryan!
A BABY???!! That's what I was thinking. I realized it couldn't be yours...cause that means you would have stole it or carried him well and been one hot prego lady! (cute baby though... with lots of hair!)
Ok, I can't think of anything else or maybe that was it.
Keep posting. :)

Debra said...

Natalie! So fun to see your blog! :) Looks like you guys had some fun adventures this summer. I can't wait to read more of your future blog posts!

Simonds Family said...

Way to start posting again! I think its hard to keep up with during summer but now that winter is coming and you have to be inside all the time it'll probably be easier =) Loved all the pictures!

Sarah and Daniel Ranson said...

It looks like you all had a phenomenal summer! It was great seeing you last weekend, even though we didn't get much time to hang out. Who knows, maybe we will see you more starting in January, if Daniel gets an internship there in Utah. Remember the offer of thanksgiving dinner, if you aren't going down and want to stay and enjoy the Utah v. BYU game, you're always invited to have dinner with us! Love ya!

P.S. Cute nephew!!!

Emily said...

The wreath was really easy to make. It took about a yard and a half or two of fabric. I bought the yard of black at walmart and it was two bucks or less and I had the grey fabric already and I think it was about half a yard. All I did was rip them in strips about 9" long and maybe 1" wide. That part was actually pretty fun. You just snip about an inch up and rip the rest of it. (and do it about a million times...you can fold the fabric and rip a few at a time though). I used a wire hanger (I have extras if you need one), shaped it, and tied the pieces in a knot all around the wire. You could make one using fall colors since Halloween's almost here.

Tiffany Rumsey said...

Ok, your post made me really miss summer!! I'm not ready for this freezing weather we've had lately! I'm glad you two made the most of the summer and seemed to really enjoy it all!!

Tiffany Rumsey said...

So, I'm so excited that you love the name Lyla!! Keep working on convincing Bryan- haha!! :)

BJones said...

Loved the summer update and the great pictures. What I really loved was that all of those events meant that you were with us. We miss and love you both so much. That baby sure could have been yours!! But Mark is hoping for a blonde from you Natalie, with curly hair of course!! Love, Mom Jones