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Monday, February 1, 2010

Olympic Glory

I am unbelievably excited for the Olympics this year!! (Well, I am EVERY year they come around). It's going to be so exciting! I've always had such a desire to go to the Olympics...to compete. But since I'm lazy and don't ever plan on training that hard for anything, my dream will never come true. So instead, one day I would like to at least go and watch some events in person. I have my fingers crossed for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London! Between Bryan and I, we pretty much want to watch every event this year, but here are the ones I'm looking forward to the most:

(This guy reminds me of the movie Blades of Glory)

It's very unfortunate Sasha Cohen didn't make the team this year.

*Just to name a few :)


Simonds Family said...

haha, what about CURLING??!?!?! =)

The Ranson Family said...

I can't wait for the Olympics to start! Thanks for a great night watching the BYU game. It was a blast!