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Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's So Obvious

That we're having a BOY!!!!

Our wonderful little baby boy!!!!

It's amazing how clear these pictures are!!


Simonds Family said...

LOL. Holy cow. It really IS obvious. lolol. Congrats again!

Traveling Nut said...

Natalie, I love that side shot of the baby and you. How fun. Now that you know what your having you can start thinking about everything blue!

I just found out my niece is having triplets. Poor girl. Keep sending those belly shots!

Janell Hunt said...

Yay! Boys are so much fun! You're going to be a great mommy. Isn't it so great to finally not have to call him an "it"? :)

Chris & Emma said...

how exciting!!! BOYS are the BEST! lol Congrats you guys!

Emily said...

Haha, what an awesome shot. No mistakes there.
Such exciting news! You guys found out fairly early huh? I wish I could find out that early (I have to wait til week 20).
So have you bought any boy things yet? Haha, I went out that day when I found out Danica was a girl. :)

Sydnee and Eric Carter said...

I'm so happy for you Natalie. There is something about boys that makes a mom's heart melt! Little boys are the best!