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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Welcome to Spokane!

We have arrived! Spokane, Washington will be our home for the next three years and we are excited! We moved in Friday and are still working on getting things unpacked, but we managed to go out and explore a little of the area.

Gonzaga Law School

This is where Bryan will be spending every waking moment, studying to be a lawyer! I am so proud of him for making it this far and for being so excited as he is to begin. I think I'm way more nervous for him than he is!

The law building is surrounded by the baseball field, soccer field, and basketball court. You can perfectly see the soccer field from the library of the law building, which could pose some studying problems for Bryan...

It is also directly next to the beautiful Spokane River.

Bryan is ready and determined to start school next Monday and though it's going to be lonely without him around all the time, I couldn't not be happier for him. He's been wanting to be a lawyer since high school and I want nothing more than for him to accomplish his goals, which I know won't be a problem. Good luck in this new adventure Bryan!! I love you!!!!!

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Alicia and Peter Empey said...

Yippee Spokane!! Glad to hear you made it safe. We are gona have to come up and see you some time. We are only a couple hours away.