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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ultrasound Pictures

I am 38 weeks and was so excited to be able to have an ultrasound. Apparently in my first ultrasound at 16 weeks, the placenta was really low, so my new doctor wanted to do a follow-up one to make sure that it was out of the way. Our baby boy is measuring at 7lbs 14oz, which is pretty big for this time. The tech estimated he can get to about 8.5-9lbs if he goes to full term. I sure hope he doesn't wait that long; I don't want to pop out a big baby!!
He has five toes on each foot! (We are quite excited about this).
His arm was blocking his mouth. I think he has Bryan's nose.
Arm in front of mouth again.
Finally decided to move his arm after much prodding. If you can't tell, this is a full frontal facial shot, sideways. I think it's funny how huge everything looks since he's all smooshed inside there. We are so excited for him to come and nervous all at the same time! My Braxton Hicks contractions are so constant that I feel like it can be anytime now. Unfortunately, the doctor said I've made no progress since last week, but I think he is going to be coming pretty soon :)


Traveling Nut said...

Wow! He looks like a real boy now. That is cool you get to see what he looks like. My niece just had her triplets and is at Sacred Heart Hospital. Let us know when you have him.

Emily said...

Wow! I don't think I've ever seen an ultrasound at 38 weeks! How awesome. I hope you have him soon too. :)

BJones said...

He is so cute. But I don't think I can honestly say that he looks like either of you just yet. Sorry Bryan!! Natalie, Hang in there!! Just a little more to go. You are almost there. And you are doing such a great job. Love you.

Simonds Family said...

That's cool you got to see him so close to the due date!