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Monday, October 17, 2011

Meeting the First Set of Grandparents

My parents came to see Max and were here for 2 weeks. Though I was still very postpartum during their stay, they were a HUGE help! My mom would take Max after feedings during the day so I could eat or nap AND she cooked dinner every night, did laundry and kept the apartment clean! Thanks for all the help! We love you!!
Meeting Abuela and Grandpa.
This is how Max and my mom spent most of their time.


Simonds Family said...

Cute! They look so happy with him! Also, tell Max I am requesting an eyes open pic! 8-)

Chris & Emma said...

Aw what a nice mommy you have :) I love your patents!

Jordan McInroe said...

Aww! I miss your family! We need to organize a McInroe/Simonds reunion one of these days.