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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas in Cali

We spent three weeks in California for Christmas vacation and it was Heavenly!! It was so nice having a ton of people ever so willing to hold Max and entertain him! Not that I don't love spending all my time with my baby, it can just be a little much sometimes when he even has to join you in he bathroom... I'll tell of our vacation through the pictures:

One of my little brothers, Kaleb, got married! They got married in the San Diego temple and get this: they were married in the same sealing room and by the same sealer as Bryan and I were. What a coincidence! As we were listening to the sealer I couldn't help but observe how each ceremony is tailored to the individual couple getting married, despite the sealer having just met them.

Waiting outside the temple:
                                                                   My mama and me
                                                                        Can't escape a hungry baby!
                                                                    My dad and me
          The happy couple, Kaleb and Kailee!!
I have two sisters now!! (This is a big deal for me. I grew up with three brothers).
 Max and his cousin Henry meeting for the first time.
 Auntie Deborah
                    Cousin Henry loving on Max...                           ...a little too much?
We spent Christmas Eve with my family this year and everyone enjoyed their time with Max.
Aunt Deborah and Uncle Derek, my other younger brother.
                                                                 Matching PJ party!
                      Uncle Johann, my brother                                     Auntie Kailee
Christmas day was spent with Bryan's family. Bryan's dad was so excited to have all his youngest kids and grandkids home for Christmas that he spoiled everyone with presents!
 Max with his twin cousins, Hannah and Carter
All three of Max's cousins. These are             Hanging out by the tree on his first Christmas.
Bryan's brother Daniel's kids. (I don't 
know why this picture's sideways).
 Max and Papa Jones
 Trying to eat my hand.
Watching Peter Pan with Uncle Daniel and cousin Ethan.

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