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Monday, March 12, 2012

Max Likes Sweet Potatoes!

Ok ok. So some of you may know, we started feeding Max solids when he turned 5 months old a couple weeks ago, but the earlier you feed a baby solids, the higher the risk of them developing food allergies. This made me very nervous and choose to stop giving him solids until he turned 6 months old. However, lately Max has been showing that he is more ready than ever to eat real food and it has gotten to the point where we can't finish a meal without him getting mad at us. We decided to start with solids again today and here is a brief video of Max enjoying sweet potatoes for the first time :)

SO blogger isn't letting me upload the video (and I was having problems before too. Anyone else having trouble loading their videos? Anyone know how to fix it?) you can find the video on my facebook. In the meantime, here are a couple pictures of the event.

He polished off the whole bowl!

1 comment:

Tannis Rogers said...

Go Max!!!! How fun!!! I never waited a full 6 months to give any of my kids solids either, and it looks like you made the best executive decision!!!

I gave up uploading videos to blogger a LONG time ago. :( So sad. It quit working right and gave me way too many problems. I was hoping it might've been worked out since they updated everything, but it sounds like not.