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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cali 6: The Final Chapter

I guess it's about time I finish up my California posts and catch up on everything else that has been going on. I don't know why it took me so long to finish up here, since there are barely any more pictures to post from our California trip.

Old Friends
I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting up with my great friends from high school, Ashley Daley and Tammy Frustaci. We've met up two years in a row now and I sure hope we can keep up this newly established tradition!
 Max and Tammy's kid, Paulo, are only three weeks apart in age. I love it!
 Paulo is such a sweetie! He gave Max a super long hug and hugged him again when we were saying our goodbyes.
 Ashley and her cute pregnant belly. I can't wait for her to have that sweet little girl!

Saying Goodbye
 Some final pics with the fam-bam before heading back to Spokane the next day.
 Cousin Gaby
 The morning we flew out.
 Playing with Grandma early in the morning while we finished packing.
 Max loved looking out the window during take-off. On the second flight, he fell asleep while we were still taking off, still sitting up and looking out the window.
Snow is what we came home to.

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