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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

California Highlights - 1

We were blessed again this year by Bryan's parents, to fly down to California again for Christmas! We knew it would be warmer, but boy, we were not prepared for how HOT it was most of the time! In the time it took for us to exit the plane in California and get in the car, all three of us were already sweating pretty badly. My parents were making fun of us because for them, that was light sweater weather. It would only get hotter too. Not that I'm complaining too much. We haven't seen the sun here in Spokane for a few weeks now and it's really bringing us down. It's one thing to not give us sun, but to also not give us any snow during that time is just unacceptable! Our first thoughts back in California were, "Wow, it crowded!", and "if it's this hot in the winter, I can't imagine how hot it will be in the summer!", but after being there for just a short time, we remembered the feeling of home that it brings to us and I miss it so dearly.
Max found his beanie while I was packing and insisted on wearing it. (He loves his "bee-yah"!)

Max was SO GREAT for us flying both down and back. Our flight was at 6 in the morning, but Max had a rough night and was up at 3am. He really enjoyed being able to come into our bedroom and watch Wonder Pets in our bed while we got ready. He was terrified of the plane at first, but once I pulled out the Kindle and he got some juice and cookies, he was perfectly content. In fact, we had one plane change and as soon as we got on the second plane, he pulled the tray down and asked for food and drink, already a seasoned flyer! He ended up sleeping the entire flight (and since I didn't wake him on the way down to eat or drink anything, he screamed the whole descent from an ear ache. I felt like such a horrible mother!)
 Layover in Salt Lake City
 It's only on planes that I get to see that "I'm so tired" head bob thing. It's super cute to watch!

Trains, trains, trains
Max is beyond obsessed with trains! Papa Jones bought Max a pass to ride the train at the mall 10 times. Max is so funny, because he's just so ornery during the train rides, but as soon as it's over he asks for it again.
Our first real adventure was going to the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris. We started out with a train ride (I think Max likes looking at trains way more than he likes to ride them) and had the cousins together again for the first time in a year. Max's oldest cousin Henry loves him so much! I can't wait until Max is old enough to love him back. We spent probably a good hour at the museum before it closed and Max, I think, enjoyed it more than I've seen him enjoy anything else!

 Max and his cousin, Henry
 Cousins Henry, Thea, and Apollo
*If you notice, it was so hard to get good pictures of Max because he was constantly running from one thing to the next.
My dear nephew Apollo. Max took over his crib and we all took over his room while we were down. He is a year younger than Max and is such a content little boy. Apollo LOVED to follow his older cousin around wherever he went, and would copy anything and everything Max did. One time even, Max coughed, and Apollo "coughed" right after him. Max still doesn't know what to do with other kids and probably didn't even know he was there half the time. I sure do love and miss my little nephew!

*Haha! I just realized Max is wearing the same sweater in ALL of these pictures! I guess it was cooler at the beginning of the trip. I promise we changed his clothes underneath at least!


Oh Dani Girl said...

Fun! I wish I could spend Christmas in CA. (We stayed in UT for the first time!)
Glad you were able to spend it with family and do lots of fun activities. We went on a mall train too and the kids loved it. They would have loved to go on a real train like you guys!

BJones said...

What a great time we had while you were here. We love you all so much and Max was great! Looking forward to lots more visits - just next visit will be in Utah!!