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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Two and a Half Max

Max is 2.5 years old and I figured it was about time I wrote a post just for him. There is so much that I want to say about him; I hope I'll be able to organize my thoughts in a manner you can understand!

- Max is SO smart!
- Even though he has a speech delay - something I've never really wrote about on my blog. I think I'd like to do a separate post on that. 
- He recites the whole alphabet, even if most of the sounds are just an approximation. He recognizes each letter.
- He loves for me to sing the alphabet song and goes crazy during the "LMNOP" part.
- He counts to ten. He only says the vowels and it's so cute to hear him. He recognizes each number.
- Sometimes he gets confused and when he intends to count objects, he says the alphabet instead.
- He knows all of his basic colors.
- He knows all of his basic shapes.
- He is still obsessed with trains. I don't think that will ever go away.
- His favorite thing to watch on the Kindle is videos of trains just passing by. He doesn't like Thomas the Tank Engine show anymore, but he still likes the toys.
- He loves jumping. He jumps around the apartment and he jumps like crazy on his bed. I probably shouldn't allow that, but he's just so happy when he's doing it!
-He loves to be outside and tries to escape anytime we need to go somewhere and screams when we have to come back inside. Bribes sometimes work for that. I'm more of an inside person so we don't get outside as often as he would like. He'll go out on the balcony as a substitute, but he gets splinters like crazy. He's pretty patient with me when I have to pull them out.
- We started potty training and day one went wonderfully!
- He loves to do art: play doh, finger paint, markers,...but it usually consists of him telling me what he wants ME to sculpt, paint, or draw...which is usually a train.
- He's still a picky eater, but he loves sweets and candy, like his mama. We need to cut back. Badly.
- Bryan got him into watching Pokemon and he loves it...
- When he tantrums, they're usually pretty short and he's pretty gentle about them. I should get one on video, but if I try to pull out the camera during one, he hides his face in my shoulder and can't be removed. He has a couple different kinds: the screaming (screeching?), crying, red-faced one that usually comes with bedtime, and the disagreement/protest one where he prances up and down and shakes his hands in front of him (not a good description...)
 - He loves books, but I've recently discovered that he won't pay attention unless we read them before nap and bedtime. He's too active to sit still for them otherwise.
- His favorite songs are Wheels on the Train, Popcorn Popping, and Eensy Weensy Spider.
- He is also an avid Beatles fan! He asks me to repeat Beatles songs all the time when we listen to them in the car. Though he has since broken our car stereo by putting coins in them, so there's that.

He is a sweet sweet boy. Even though it can be really difficult at times, we wonder all the time how we could be so blessed to have him. We couldn't love him more than we already do!
 He was running down the hall to me and started running with his eyes closed. Sometimes it did not go well.
 Ever since he could stand, he's loved hanging out in the window, especially when it snows. He also get super bad bedhead that can't always be fixed.
 He was having fun
 This helicopter was at Walmart and while Bryan paid for our stuff, I would take Max to play in this little area. They have since removed it though!
 He just loves those selfies!
 Cloud dough! 8 cups flour, 1 cup baby oil. This stuff is so wonderful and lasts for a long time!...Until you get sick of cleaning it up and bathing your child every day and destroying your back by sitting on the hard kitchen floor...then it becomes the devil.
 He posed like this.
 He found my goggles. I'm not sure how he knew what to do with them since he's never seen anything like it before.
 He was posing like this too, with his eyes closed.
 He loves tickles from daddy!

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