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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Last week in California

Big Bear Lake
Max and cousin Apollo enjoyed taking turns pushing each other around the house in this car.
Balboa Island
This was at a house by where we parked our car and just when Max started playing with the frogs, the owner came out and told us about how they are always in a different position and for Max to "have at it". Nice of him! I totally thought we were in trouble. 
We had to stop every couple feet so Max can touch the sand.

We waited a whole week before we talked to Bryan on Skype, but once we did, Max requested to talk to him every day after that.

Remember extreme sour warheads candy? Yeah, Max liked it.

Saying goodbye to the cousins from Uruguay!

Seaport Village, San Diego

Basically the whole reason for going to Seaport Village is for the super delicious Greek food!

After taking pictures at the Mall with all the grandkids.Max prefers to follow the train around rather than ride on it.
Max and Apollo love each other :)
Dancing in the food court.

Saying goodbye to cousin Thea.
Newport Beach
We headed out to the beach for about an hour. I wish I had known that Max would love the beach so much and we could have brought swim trunks and actually planned a day at the beach. Last year he was scared of the water, but this year I had to yell for him to come back when he went too far in!

I initially intended for Max to just get his feet wet, but his pants got so soaked that they literally just fell off of him. Hopefully people didn't mind him being in his undies...

Also, luckily I had a change of clothes for him in the car from taking pictures earlier that day.
Manhattan Beach and Flying Back
Our flight on the way out was delayed (AGAIN) and I didn't get the notification until we were already on our way to the airport, so we stopped by Manhattan Beach to walk around a little bit. Of course, Max had to go touch the sand first thing.

Two delays later and we were on our way back to Utah. Max fell asleep about 15 minutes in.

  Seeing daddy for the first time in two weeks!!! This was so sweet to witness :)
Max still talks about flying on the plane to Abuela's house. For a few weeks after we got back he kept asking to go back, as if it were just that easy. Now he rehashes the events all the time, about how the plane couldn't land because it was too foggy and then the fog went away and the plane lands and we fly to Abuela's house! I'm excited for the next time we get to go visit, whenever that may be. Hopefully not too far in the future.

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Simonds Family said...

It's the beach,people are use to seeing WAY more than undies, if you know what I mean ;-)