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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2 yrs come and gone

Yesterday was our two year anniversary and it was wonderful! Bryan got me the prettiest pink flower and brought it to me at work, which made everyone jealous :) He also bought us both the new BYU Football shirts for the season, Go Cougars! We actually decided to celebrate part of our anniversary early by getting each other's gifts like over a week ago. Bryan had been begging for his MVP Baseball 05 game for the PS2, since his is all scratched up. We just happened to be at the mall and saw it for only two bucks, so how can you pass that up and not buy it? Exactly! I was a little jealous, admittedly, so we went right ahead and bought my gift which is one of my new favorite movies, Coraline! Anyway, back to our actual anniversary yesterday. After Bryan got off work, we went to Red Lobster. We have been dreaming about going there for the longest time and already knew what we were going to get. We decided to share one of their new location inspired dishes, the Maine Lobster and Crab bake and holy cow it was so good! Lobster tails, crab legs, shrimp, scallops, potatoes, corn on the cob, and broccoli. What more could you ask for? My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Unfortunately, I forgot I had my camera so I didn't get a picture. The night ended just as perfectly as it started with my mom's signature home made cherry cheescake. Yumm-o! What a fantastic day it was :)

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