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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Owlz Excitment

Yesterday was so much fun, just being able to hang out with my hubby all day was wonderful! Bryan, unwantingly, took me to the Farmer's Market here in Provo that I have been wanting to go to for a very long time now (for some strange reason), but it turned out to be quite pointless because we didn't even think of bringing cash with us so I couldn't buy corn or anything I wanted to. So that lasted about 5 minutes, but now we know for next time. Afterwards, another unwanting Bryan (he's the best), took me to see Julie & Julia. I felt so bad because I practically begged him to go with me to see it and to be honest, it was quite a dissapointment. Imagine my guilt after that. It was a cute movie though, I just wouldn't choose to see it again. After eating our traditional Pretzelmaker, we headed home for a much beloved nap :) My favorite! For dinner, we decided to try that Zupas place that has just soups, salads and sandwiches and holy cow, it was so good! And cheap! Bryan got the ever so delicious Lobster Bisque and I got the delightful New Orleans Style Gumbo. I thought it was great because they give you each a chocolate covered strawberry, which is quite random to me, but yummy as well! After, we were going to see a movie at the dollar theater, but when we got there, the line was just ridiculously long, so instead we headed out to the Owlz baseball game. I LOVE going to baseball games with Bryan! It's possibly one of my favorite things to do. (Of course it would be better if it was a Dodger's game, but what can you do when you are stuck in Utah). I love spending time with Bryan. He just makes me so happy and no matter what, always makes me laugh and I just adore him with a passion!!!

This was the first Owlz game that we've been to where they've won

The mascots, Hootz and Holly, got married. It was kind of awkard.

But they had fireworks!!


tyler and emily said...

What a fun filled Saturday. Even if some of the activities turned out to not be your favorite, it's always made up for when you realize who you're spending it with!

Simonds Family said...

mascot marriage FAIL. So weird.