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Monday, October 4, 2010

Colorado Trip

Bryan and I have been talking lightly for the past couple years about going to Denver to see the Dodgers play the Rockies sometime. It wasn't until this past summer that we actually discussed it seriously and decided we were going to do it! We reserved a room at a really nice Best Western,

bought tickets to two games, and by the end of August we were on our way!

The first game we went to, we decided to splurge a bit on some decent tickets and sat right on the third base line, just 5 rows up. That is the closest I've ever been at a Dodger game!!

Before the game, James Loney, the first baseman for the Dodgers, came right up close to our seats to sign autographs and he signed our ball!!! We were so excited to say the least!

James Loney signing our ball:

Our signed James Loney Ball :)

My wish is to attend an away Dodger game at least once every summer (my dream is to go to St. Louis next year). So as we attempt to do this, Bryan's goal is to have the hot dog known for the team. Here he is eating his Rockie Dog:

They won the game that night, which was super nice. Unfortunately, they were so lucky on Saturday night. We spent the whole day Saturday in downtown Denver, where they have a lot of fun and interesting things to do. My favorite part was seeing the King Tut exhibit at the Denver Art Museum! The exhibit was stationed there for a short time and I wanted to see it so badly that Bryan willingly sacrificed the money (it was expensive!) to go see it with me. It was certainly the highlight of my summer and definitely worth the money especially since the guy told us that these artifacts may never leave Egypt again! We weren't allowed to take pictures of any of it though, which was way too bad. Here are a few more pictures of our adventures downtown:

Can you find Bryan?

This was my second favorite exhibit the the art museum:

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Emily said...

That's a cool museum! Also way cool that you guys got to go to a Dodgers game with super close seats. That's awesome