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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We are finally graduated from BYU! It is about time too! We seriously could not be happier. Bryan graduated with a BS Psychology and I a BS in Communication Disorders. Unfortunately we don't have pictures of us in caps and gowns because BYU only has a ceremony in April and August, so we may go back to walk, but we'll see where our lives are in a few months. Nonetheless, it feels so good to be done with school. It hasn't quite set in yet, but I know it will when vacation's over and we don't drive back up to Provo with everyone else. We're big bad adults in the real world now! It's crazy!!

So what's next for us? Bryan is in the process of applying for law schools. He is applying to BYU (which would be ideal because of the costs), Chapman in Orange CA, La Verne in Ontario CA, UNLV, Gonzaga in Washington, and U of Denver. We are(temporarily) living with Bryan's parents until Bryan starts law school in Fall 2011. We are both just looking for jobs right now, hoping for something good since we have are awesome Bachelor's degrees! Right now we're just kind of taking life as it comes.

However, the main thing occupying our minds right now is when to start a family. I wish I could fast forward time 8 months from now and see what our situation would be like with Bryan in law school and a baby on the way and see how well we can handle it. So this is where I need opinions!!! We really want to be able to have our own place to live throughout law school, but the only way that seems possible is if I work full time for the next few years. If we choose to have a baby, then we may be forced to live with our parents until Bryan finishes law school, which isn't ideal. I just want to be independent and still have our full privacy and continue to be our own family. I just wish my desire to have a baby wasn't so strong!! So I want to know how you mothers do it. How do you have a baby while your husband goes to school? Do you continue to work? Does your husband work? Who takes care of your baby if you do work or go to school? Anyway, I would really appreciate any advice you could give me about having a baby, living in your own apartment, and being the sole provider of your family!!!


Tannis Rogers said...

I don't think I can give you any advice on what to do for your family, but I can tell you how we've managed for our family...
Nathaniel has worked full time since he's been home from his mission. Through school, and through school and family. I was pregnant just as he finished his 2 associates and he'll finish his BS with one more test/class and being the father of 3 kids under the age of 3!!! However, I didn't go to school through any of that. And for the moment, he's not going for a master's. (He's in the CU industry and his work has been sending him to a CU "school" that's 2 weeks every summer for 3 years. This summer is his last year and if he "graduates", he'll get a "degree/certificate" equivalent to a Master's degree in the eyes of any CU.) Oh, and since he started going to U of Pheonix, we have student loans. Not the most ideal, but it gets us through. We love to have our family and he loves having his education! And he's been talented to pretty much do all his school when the kids are asleep! I hardly knew he was in school myself!
That's how we did it. And it's worked. We have our family, his education, our home (bought, not rented). And we're able to live with only the debt of the home, car, and student loans that have only been used to pay for school (And hospital bills to have kids! Those babies are expensive when you don't qualify for Medi-caid!) Lol! And with the kids, we should be able to pay the subsidised loans back with our tax refunds in no time! Hopefully! :D

Good luck!!!

Sydnee and Eric Carter said...

You know, if you guys are going to stay in Riverside (or surrounding) and you want to start your family I really should hook you up with the music company I teach for. I literally work 30 hours a month and make just about enough to pay our rent. It's really nice and flexible and best of all, I get to be with Kollin 95% of the time! It seems like she is always looking for more piano(she offers voice too, which you could do) teachers and I would be more than happy to be in a good word for you!

The Jones Family said...

Bryson is still working his way through college (UPS is a good job because he works at night), we bought a house, I stay at home with the baby, but we do have student loans for when our car died, etc... Apply for A LOT of scholarships, pay your tithing, fast and pray, remember your temple covenants and you'll know what to do!

The Ranson Family said...

MY advice, have a baby!

I want a nephew or niece :)

Much Love,

Uncle Daniel