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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

We headed out to a pumpkin patch today! I've always gotten my pumpkins from the grocery store growing up and don't know if they even have pumpkin patches in Riverside, CA. I was so excited to go to one here in Spokane and it was so worth the trip (it was the same place where we picked strawberries, which is about half an hour away). I didn't realize how much dirt there would be though. The dirt was so soft and loose and with every step, dust clouds would fly up into the air. Poor Max. There were so many little inclines and sticks everywhere that he kept tripping and falling on and by the end of the trip he was COVERED in dirt, so much so that it went through his pants and got his diaper all dirty. He had a blast though. He just loves any chance he gets to walk around freely and takes off every which way! They had a corn maze, food and drink stands, and train rides, but everything cost money and we didn't want to pay for more than just the pumpkin.
Max didn't like touching the dirt with his hands so any time he fell, he would try and stand back up without using his hands. One time in an effort to do so, he lost his balance and fell right onto the side of his face/head. Eventually he decided it was easiest for me to just pick him up every time and would sit there waiting patiently for me.


efletchey said...

You're so nice to comment on my blog, I figure it would be nice to do the same, especially since then you know someone out there is reading it. I was just telling Scott today that you only go to pumpkin patches if you have kids and that it's pretty much an opportunity for pictures. It's one of the most fall-ish things to do, but I feel like we can't do it until we have kids!

Simonds Family said...

hahahaha! That is so sad but so cute! I can just picture him waiting there for you to come pick him up. Cute boy!