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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Monster Birthday Bash!

Max had his little birthday party today and it was a lot of fun! It was monster themed and was just a very simple get together with our friends Greg and Erika and their two cute girls Julia and Sariah. Max loooooved having the girls over to play with and followed them around everywhere they went. He especially loved Sariah, who is 16-months-old, so I think he liked having someone else his own size around. Poor Sariah though, I don't think she appreciated it as much. Max kept giving her hugs and wanted to play with the toys she was playing with (I honestly don't think he was trying to take them from her, he just wanted to play too). We don't get out much and it's usually just me and Max in the apartment, so it was cute and fun to watch him interact with other little kids. Again, Max just LOVED having them here. Near the end, Max insisted on being nursed and couldn't wait, so I took him to his room to nurse him (it's too much trouble to do it in front of other people now with how much he wiggles and such) and before we were done, our friends had to leave. Max didn't know this, and was so excited to go back out into the living room, but when he saw that everyone had left, he started crying and crying! I felt bad. I really think Max should have been a twin: he loooves other kids (hates adults though). Anyway, we opened presents, had cake and cupcakes, and played Mario Party 9. Simple, but successful.
 Ok, so the icing wasn't as thick as I would have liked and totally started melting off the cake and the cupcakes.
 The leftovers now look so much worse than that bottom right one does here. (PS. The likeness to Mike from Monster's Inc. is unintentional).

 About 95% of the presents are from his very generous two sets of grandparents.
 Julia helping Max open his presents. Max wasn't very interested, so she ended up doing most of the work (which I don't think was work to her).

 (Bryan took these pictures and didn't do the best job of getting everyone in them AND I forgot to get one of the whole group. Sad.)
 So you know how everyone has those awesome videos and pictures of their babies burying their hands and faces into their 1st year birthday cake? Well, not us. Max had no idea what to do with this thing. Even after I put his fingers in the cake and made him eat it, he still did not want dig in and would only eat it if I gave him a piece.
 This is the only way he would eat it on his own. He certainly did not have the reaction to chocolate that we were hoping for.

 At least he liked it. (Though not enough to finish it, he was way too interested in getting out and playing with the girls.)


Chris & Emma said...

So cute! Happy birthday Max!

Ashley and Aaron Daley said...


Dan and Kristin said...

Cute! Love the cake and cupcakes!

Emily said...

Wow! I can't believe he's one already! What a fun birthday. I love the decorations and theme! Great job :)

BJones said...

I love this post Natalie. He is just so precious and we love him so much. He is obviously so happy, just look at him! You and Bryan are wonderful parents! We are so blessed to have him in our lives. But where has this year gone?? It's just gone by too fast!!