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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sorry this is late, but I ran out of space to upload any more pictures and it's taken me a while to figure out another way to do it. I still haven't decided if this way is worth it though because it takes about twice as much time to do it. Anyway, last year we went all out on our first Thanksgiving completely alone. This year, Bryan's only request was that I make an apple pie. Bryan was so enthralled with the apple, pealer, corer thingy that he volunteered to do all the apples.
P1020734 P1020735
This is how Max spent his time while we made the apple pie. P1020736 P1020737 P1020738
I love my cute baby boy! P1020739
I really wanted Bryan to have the whole turkey, stuffing,...dinner for Thanksgiving because I know that's his favorite part. We saw that Denny's would be open for Thanksgiving and knew they would have to have the traditional dinner there, so that's where we ended up eating. P1020742
Bryan was the only one who got the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I'm not much of a fan of it all. P1020743
Denny's is having this awesome Hobbit promotion, so I got Frodo's Pot Roast Skillet for dinner. P1020744 P1020745 
Max was having a tough day for some reason and was whining pretty much the whole time we were there. He managed to only eat a handful of goldfish for dinner. Thankfully the guy behind us was really sweet about all of Max's complaining. P1020750 
My apple pie. I'm also not really a pie fan so I only had one slice and Bryan and Max pretty much ate the whole thing.
 Max DEVOURED the pie! He wouldn't try it at first, but I knew he would love it so I forced a piece in his mouth and he immediately turned and grabbed another piece to shove in his mouth. I don't think he even stopped to breathe between every bite!

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Ashley and Aaron Daley said...

Fun! Cute pictures. :) How did you end up putting them on your blog?