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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Merry Christmas to Us

We are heading down to California next week, so we decided to celebrate Christmas early enough that Max would be able to enjoy his new toys before leaving. A great Christmas it was too thanks to Bryan's parents :). Max woke up and walked straight to the lit up Christmas tree and started pointing at all the presents and grabbed one. It was so cute to see him be all interested in everything and I know next year will be even more great because hopefully by then he'll actually know what presents are. I don't think he managed to open any of them completely on his own though, but we'll work on that. I helped him rip the paper off his first gift and you can just see his face change when he saw that something was inside of it. (I think I chose way more pictures than I intended and this isn't even half of them...)
*The reason why there are almost no ornaments on the lower half of the tree is because Max has pulled them all off.
 P1020893 P1020899 P1020900 P1020901 P1020903 P1020905 P1020907 P1020908 P1020909 P1020912 P1020917 P1020919 P1020920 P1020921 P1020922 P1020923 P1020924 P1020927 P1020929 P1020930 P1020931 P1020932 P1020935 P1020938 P1020939 P1020943 P1020946 P1020953 P1020954 
We got these color bath drops and the red makes it look like Max is bleeding out. It still kind of freaks me out.
 P1020955 P1020956 P1020957 P1020958 P1020961 P1020962 P1020963 P1020964 P1020971

1 comment:

Chris & Emma said...

that is such a good idea to celebrate your own Christmas first! and I love the while tree!