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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

18 Months

18-Month Stats
Weight: 24lbs 11oz - 25th percentile
Height: 33in - 50th percentile
Head: 47.5cm

Max is almost 20 months now.  There is just so much I could say about him and so many pictures to post that I have found this blog post to be quite daunting and have been putting it off for too long now.

- First and foremost, Max LOVES TRAINS! He is absolutely obsessed beyond words with trains. He makes me put trains on youtube for him about 20 times a day and loves Thomas the Tank Engine. Any kind of trains too: cartoon, real, subway, commuter,...
- He still loves vehicles and will correctly identify the sound of each one when we're out and sign it: train, plane, car, bus. We can hear the horns of the trains from our apartment and Max will make the train sign every time.
- He is so intelligent and learns super quickly.
- He knows how to put together all his board puzzles.
- He knows between 30-40 signs and will make up his own sometimes and stick with them.
- He opens doors (which is quickly becoming a problem).
- He has a speech delay, but can say 7 words: Mama, Dada (sometimes gaga), ba (ball), ba (bath - yes, they are different), bubuh (bubble), ba ba ba (banana), wawa (Yo Gabba Gabba, sometimes yaya). They are in no way proper words, but they are meaningful and we understand them and that is what matters.
- Our bedtime routine has become me reading books to myself, while he peers over my should every once in a while, while running in and out of his room. Often the same goes for singing time as well. Sometimes he'll sit on my lap or the glider chair while reading books and sometimes he'l cuddle while singing, but now that he's a full-blown toddler, he has a hard time sitting still for very long.
- He sleeps really well and will sleep about 12-12.5 hours a night without waking up and takes a 1.5 hour nap. It is beautiful.
- He loves any and all kinds of fruits.
- He hates any and all kinds of veggies except green beans and these super petite, skinny baby carrots.
- He tantrums a lot and they usually only last 10-20 seconds. He falls on his bum and then throws himself backwards, without any regard as to what he might hit his head on. He is super cute when he tantrums and I try not to laugh, but it's hard, especially since he can tantrum over the smallest things.
- He loves watching TV playing with the Kindle and we let him do both way too much.
- He loves his mama more than anything. If I am not home to put him down to bed at night and then the next morning is Bryan's morning to wake up with him, he will call out "mama" so many times, then cry when Bryan tells him I'm sleeping and usually ends up coming into my room to hold my hand while I sleep. If Bryan tries to read to him at night, he takes the book from his hands and gives it to me to read instead.
- He loves his daddy more and more each day. He loves to run to our room when it's time to wake Bryan up in the morning and get on the bed with him and give him sweet morning kisses.
- He loves being outside SO much and running around. We go to a playground probably 4-5 times a week, but he'll enjoy just running around our apartment complex. He tries to escape when we go to the car or from the car to our apartment and tantrums when he can't get away.
- He loves slides and is not afraid of going down the big ones by himself.
- He loves playing with the Thomas train set at Barnes and Noble.
- He only ever lets up listen to Yo Gabba Gabba music. He we are on our laptops, he demands that we play it and he especially demands it when we are in the car. And he only likes the songs by the Gabbaland characters, not the ones by any real band.
- He used to loves getting his teeth brushed and his hands washed, but he hates them both now.
- His absolute favorite song is "Wheels on the Bus" and has become the only song he will let me sing to him for bedtime.

Well, I guess that's enough for now. See? Too much and I could just keep going.

 The best shot I could get on Mother's Day

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Dan and Kristin said...

He is growing up too quick! 12 hours to sleep sounds amazing. I think it's sweet he loves his mama so much!