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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Swim Lessons

Max and I did parent/child swim lessons again this year. Max loves water and getting wet so much. He didn't enjoy the first lesson too much because he wasn't free to do whatever he wanted, but he loved them after that. His favorite part was jumping off the side of the pool. I would have to bribe him with that in order to get him to do most of the other activities; "if you do this, you can jump off the wall" kind of thing. On the last day, they let the kids jump off the diving board. I waited in the pool for Max and Bryan helped him on the diving board. Max got to the edge and just stood there. He was nervous, but you could tell he really wanted to jump. Finally, he asked for help and Bryan had to drop him into the water. The moment he got out of the pool, he went right back to the diving board and asked to go again. There was a huge line of kids though, but I wish he could have. I can't believe how much Max is growing and developing. Obviously, it was a whole year ago that we last did swim lessons, but it's amazing to compare and see how much he can do on his own now. There are no pictures, just a couple of videos Bryan took with his phone.

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