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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cali - 5: Rounding Out Our Trip

New Years
New Year's Day my parents had a little get together at their house with extended family and Bryan's parents came over too. It just got hotter and hotter by the end of the trip and I only brought a couple pairs of shorts for Max, so he wore mismatched clothes basically every day.
 Max liked to use the spa as a trampoline.
My niece, Thea, was swinging on this with some help from Max and she looked so serene and almost fell asleep on it.
 Every time we went to into the backyard, Max would pick a lemon from the tree and carry it around with him or throw it into a puddle of water.
 She was playing peek-a-boo with me over the rail.

Beach Trip
For our last activity we went to the beach with my parents and my brother's family. The water was pretty cold, but the weather was perfect. Only my brother, Johann, and Henry were brave enough to actually go into the water. Max seemed excited about it at first and went in, until a wave rushed up on him and then he was too scared to go in anymore. However, later I went in - just up to my ankles - and Max saw me, came all the way down from our sitting area, went into the water, and grabbed my hand to pull me out. I guess he wanted to protect me! Silly boy. Anyway, we had stopped to get some food from Chronic Taco and ate it on the beach. Max didn't eat his food as usual, so I fed it to the seagulls, which was so awesome! At first I would just throw it on the ground, but I quickly found out that they were very proficient at catching it in mid-air! You could seriously pick out a seagull that was hovering, toss it a piece of food, and it would catch it. Max had so much fun with the birds too! There were just TONS of them and he would run through them, making them fly into the air. Max loved playing in the sand too! Oh, the group next to us had a pretty good radio station playing really loudly that we all enjoyed reaping the benefits of.
 Max enjoyed jumping into this whole that someone had dug.
Henry was pulling this and Max tried to sit on it as he was doing so. Henry was so excited and wanted to pull Max all the way across the sand back to the cars, and he did! Max loved it too!

Saying Goodbye
 Saying goodbye to Kilika one last time.
 I've been begging my brother, Kaleb, to send me a fresh picture of he and Apollo for Max's photo album and he wasn't doing it, so I had to take advantage while I could!

 This kid is guaranteed to pass out instantly on the second plane.

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