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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

California - 4

 My poor dog, Kilika, I'm sure was well overfed while we were there. He would get a handful of dog food and drop it down to her, and do this over and over again, every single day until we had to make him stop. He had the most fun every time, and the dog loves to eat, so she didn't mind either.
 That thing on the bench is made of yarn and Max would take it over to the piano and strum it like a guitar, while playing the piano.
 Max was terrified of dogs before we came down, but got used to mine and my in-law's dogs pretty quickly. Now he's back to being terrified again though.
 Max wearing my dad's Dodger hat.
Cabrillo Marine Aquarium & Ports O'Call
Bryan had gotten terribly sick with the flu for 3 days while we were down there so this activity was sans him. Max and I went with my parents to an aquarium in LA. Max was really enjoying it a lot while we were outside, but as soon as we tried to go inside where all the fish are, he started freaking out and wouldn't stop! Also, the whole time we were in California, if we were on an outing Max absolutely refused to be alone with anyone unless Bryan or I were with him. So my mom tried taking him out so I could see the fish, but he just wouldn't stop screaming until I went out with him. So that part of the trip didn't last long. We went to Ports O'Call and the San Pedro fish market, where my parents got me the best shrimp fajita dish that exists on the planet! While waiting, Max managed to spill his entire cup of water all over he and I. When the food came, I managed to take maybe 3 bites, when my mom then spilled my cup of water into the whole dish...That part of the trip didn't last long either.
 We tried to take a picture of the Jones side cousins, but they weren't really having any of it.
 During the first night in California, Max learned pretty quickly that Bryan and I were sleeping in the same room. So every night he would fall asleep on our bed, then when I came to bed, I would pick him up and move him to his crib, then around 1:00am like clockwork, he would wake up and rejoin me in the bed.
 Free cat if anyone wants her! (Really!)
Cheeseball! That's the best way to describe this kid.

Mission Inn
We went to the Mission Inn with Grandma and Papa Jones when then to Olivia's Mexican Restaurant after. Leave it to Max to find all the trains...
San Diego Zoo
Grandma and Papa Jones took us to the zoo while we were down. I couldn't wait to take Max to see all the animals from his books in real life. Of course, he mostly just enjoyed running around, but he seemed to really notice and enjoy the lions. He fell asleep before we could make it to the petting zoo. Oh! He loved the monkeys!
 The hippos were sleeping right on the glass!

 I think he bumped his head on the way up. This little area represents a polar bear's caves and it has some small tunnels that you have to crawl through. Last year Max was terrified when we tried to get him to go in. This year, it took a bit of a push, but once he went inside he didn't want to come out!
There was a helicopter you could sit in. There was a huge line of people waiting with their kids for this thing so Max could only stay in it long enough to take some pictures. He loved it though and kept asking to go back until it was out of sight.
 This jaguar was eating a bone right behind the glass! Awesome!
 Max had fun dropping rocks onto the light...and I may not have stopped him...and I may not have removed the rocks...I can't remember...it was nearing the end of a long day.
 We stopped at In N Out on the way home. Yum.

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The Ranson Family said...

What a fun Christmas break! We can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks!