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Friday, March 21, 2014

Finally Snowed!

We waited for a REALLY long time this year for it to start snowing. We got snow after what felt like forever, seriously; we went weeks at a time this year without seeing the sun and didn't even get any snow to make up for it. It was depressing. Though I'm more of an inside person, I really really like for Max to get out of the house, but without snow, I hardly think it's worth it when it's cold. Max loved the snow this year! And I love that he loves it.
 Impatiently waiting by the door, as usual, for me to be ready.
 Max loves being outside so much and hates to come back in, especially without a good bribe.
 But he can never stay mad for long :)
 Bryan can be so good to me sometimes and offered to take Max out a few times so I could have some me time.
 I love Max's snow gear. He never got wet once despite all his crawling, sliding, laying, etc...in the snow.
 Max loved sledding again this year. He went a few times by himself, once with me and once with Bryan. I guess he decided it was the most fun with me because he refused to go with Bryan again.
 He also enjoyed sliding down on his bum. Also, whenever we would make a nice sled path, he took it upon himself to run up and down it multiple times.
 Bryan taught Max to eat snow. Bryan always at snow as a kid (and still does) and I kept he wanted to share this joy with his son.

1 comment:

Dan and Kristin said...

aww so cute! Looks like fun - I can't wait until my baby is old enough to play in the snow!