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Friday, March 21, 2014

Good Night, Sleep Well

I usually like to wait a couple days in between posts so no one will miss anything (not that I think anyone really reads this anyway, but still), but I think I'll just see what posts I can get through tonight. When I start blogging I get on a roll and if I wait, it may take too long to get back to it. Anyway, moving on.

From the time we came back to California to the time we left for Utah, we didn't do a lot of activities so there wasn't really any reason for taking pictures. I love taking pictures of my sweet baby sleeping though. When I loaded the camera card onto the computer, there were A LOT of pictures of Max sleeping. So here goes round two:
 The below picture had become something of a habit for a while of Max adding whatever he could to his crib when he slept.
 Max had actually fallen asleep on me! He hadn't done that since he was a baby and I loved it so much! (Bryan caught the pictures just as he was starting to wake up). I think he was getting a molar that week and would sleep on me, on Bryan, in our bed for another hour or so after he'd wake up from his nap.
  I tuck his bedding into the sides of the cribs but this is often the end result anyway.

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