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Saturday, December 27, 2014

September Birthdays - Bryan

Bryan had a simple birthday this year.
 Bryan's parents took us to Texas Roadhouse and the waiters brought out this saddle for Bryan to sit on while they sang Happy Birthday to him. It was pretty hilarious!
 Max took many selfies.
 Bryan's mom made him his favorite chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.
Bryan has been working part-time so he can study for the Bar which would have been in February, but will now be in July. However, he will be applying to the FBI in March so we're hoping and praying that works out and he gets in! I know he would be a great lawyer, a better FBI agent, and the best author (which is the one I'm hoping turns out to be the winner in Bryan's journey toward becoming a career man!) I know he can do anything and whatever it is he ends up doing, he will be great :)

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