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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

We Moved...

...back in August! I want to try and finish up posts that happened this year before the year is up, so there are hopefully lots coming. We moved from Spokane, WA to Orem, UT. I think it was literally the day after Bryan took the bar. My parents were still visiting us and helped us move. We also had sooo much help from the missionaries and some wonderful people from the ward. I do miss that ward!

We did so many activities in the first month we were here: we went to Lagoon Amusement Park, Seven Peaks Water Park, Museum of Natural Curiosity, Bryan went to a BYU football game, visited the new Ogden Temple, saw Herman's Hermits with Peter Noone in concert,...So many things! And just about all of them, we were able to do for free :) Things slowed down significantly after that when Bryan had to buckle down and start looking for a job. We've been having fun here though.
 Max "shopping" in Grandma and PopPop's pantry.
 Ogden Temple. Max basically whined and kept saying "go bye-bye" throughout the whole thing and made me carry him the entire time.
 Museum of Natural Curiosity. This is a recently opened children's museum at Thanksgiving Point that is huge and really awesome!
 Grandma got a pool for Max and he had such a blast playing in it a couple times!
 Pushing daddy under the water.
 For some reason, Max picked this Jake and the Neverland Pirates costume out for Halloween, though he's maybe seen the show only a couple times. He was very adamant about it though. We ended up returning this one because it already fit him pretty well and knew he would grow in the next couple months. Costco didn't have any bigger sizes so Grandma and PopPop got a much nicer one from the Disney store.
 Herman's Hermits! The show was so good! Bryan and I were probably the youngest couple there, but we knew every song and had such a good time!
Peter Noone! He is the original lead singer of the group. Bryan caught that shirt that I am wearing. Peter Noone through it out to the audience and it bounced right into Bryan's lap! I wasn't going to ask Peter Noone to sign it for me so that I could wear it again, plus we had something else for him to sign, but he totally signed it anyway. It was awesome!

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