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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Free Days!

We were able to go to the zoo and aquarium on their free days back in October. Surprisingly, neither of them were crowded at all! We went to both of these with our friends Scott, Emily and Kylie Fletcher and Grandma Jones came to the zoo with us.. It's so fun to take Max to these kinds of places now since he can see everything and is way more interested in them than before. The zoo and aquarium are both pretty cool, but I don't think either of them are worth the price tag. We just have to keep our eyes open for the free days that pop up every once in a while.

Hogle Zoo
 Feeding time for the elephants.
 Max and this gorilla became friends.
 All of the drinking fountains were animal shaped.
 The Living Planet Aquarium
 Life size Emperor Penguim! I had no idea they were so huge!
 They have this huge South American section that us super hot and humid. They have everything from birds, to frogs, to an anaconda! 
They also had this ginormous 6 foot long fish, that's supposed to grow to at least 9 feet.
 Max loved the river stingrays that just kept swimming back and forth along the glass. Some were swimming opposite ways and when they would meet in the middle, one would just glide over the top of each other. A couple times, it seemed both stingrays wanted to be the one to go over, so they would get stuck until one was the winner.

1 comment:

Simonds Family said...

Looks like they really updated that Living Planet Aquarium since we went 5 years ago! Seems like Max had lots of fun :)