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Sunday, February 8, 2015


My parents came to visit for Thanksgiving! Max loves all of his grandparents to much. He was certainly happy with all the extra attention he received.
Trying on Mommy's new boots.
Decorating the Tree(s)
For our Christmases in Spokane, we were without our usual large, white Christmas tree so we purchased a small one. Now that we have our normal Christmas tree back, we have an extra one. Where else would the small one go, but in Max's room! He certainly enjoyed having his own little tree and his own decorations. It didn't take long for those ornaments to change up their locations, and often. 
 Decorating the big tree!
 I love Max's concentration face.
Temple Square
We were able to make it out to temple square one night to see the Christmas lights. It was a little colder than we were expecting, but it was worth it to see so many Christmas lights all in one place. Max became a the official Christmas light pointer-outer. He was pretty obsessed with them and anytime he would see them, he would point them out. We regularly went driving around the neighborhood to see them.
 Bryan's work Christmas party was an ugly sweater party. I found our sweaters at the D.I. and had to customize Bryan's myself. He ALMOST won the ugly sweater contest. After the votes, it was a tie between him and another, then more votes (from those that didn't vote for those two) and another tie, then they settled it with rock-paper-scissors, but Bryan lost. We did, however, win the bring-your-own mug contest with our Nightmare Before Christmas mugs, courtesy of my brother and sister-in-law, many Christmases ago.
Meeting Santa
Max was really excited to meet Santa. The Santa at the Riverwoods mall was the best Santa! No line, no professional photos, so it was completely free and he had a great set-up! Max ran up the ramp, steped to the side and talked to Santa from a distance. When Santa asked what he wanted for Christmas, Max excaimed, "Presents!" As Max refused to sit on his lap, Santa asked for a hug and just picked him up when he gave it to him.
 Dessert at Kneaders after.
Gingerbread Train
I can pretty much guarantee that as long as Max is with us when we buy this, he will always pick the train over the houses or the village.
 "And now we eat it!"
 Can you spot the Max?
Christmas Crafting
 Usually how this would go is, Max would sit and participate for maybe five minutes, then say "Mommy do it" and walk away.

 Reindeer plate for the carrots and Santa plate for the cookies...of which I forgot to put out on Christmas Eve.
Thankgsiving Point Dinosaur Museum
Christmas Sunday
First good snow of the winter
Christmas Day
 Our yule log fire on Netflix was awesome.
 Max's Santa gift. He still talks about how Santa brought these train tracks to him for Christmas and put them under the tree.
 Points for whoever can guess the reference on my shirt!

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Simonds Family said...

Harry Potter! I love points! :)

Looks like you guys got to do a lot of fun stuff out there AND snow during Christmas time certainly brings Christmas points.