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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Bryan and I had the fantastic opportunity to go home to California for Thanksgiving. Before I mention anything else though, my younger brothers, Kaleb and Derek, received their mission calls!! Their calls came so quickly and we just happened to be in Cali at the time. It was crazy because Bryan and I were at his cousin's house heating up the jacuzzi and playing pool when I got a call from my sister-in-law asking me when we would be back at my parent's house and she said my brother's mission calls had come. It was funny because nobody had checked the mail all day and finally at night my dad went to check it and he started running down the driveway saying "There here!" I was SO anxious to get home! So without further ado, Kaleb is going to the Washington Seattle Mission which is where my dad is from and Derek is going to the New York Rochester Mission which is where the Sacred Grove and other church sites are!! I am so ecstatic for them!!
Left: Kaleb with a picture of Seattle; Right: Derek with a picture of the Sacred Grove

Moving on now. Bryan says our trip was wonderful... We had Thanksgiving dinner with my family and dessert with Bryan's parents. We didn't do anything too exciting while we were home, but it was just really nice to play games and just sit around with our families and just to be with them since we rarely get to see them, living in Utah. It's so nice to have both of our families in the same city (even though we do live a half an hour apart). Our families were able to get together Saturday evening and we had hamburgers and hot dogs and watched the USC vs Notre Dame game. Now just a couple more weeks of school and then we shall be off to California again for Christmas!!


tyler and emily said...

Oh you guys are so lucky! Two CA trips so close together. Congrats to your brothers

Anonymous said...

It was great to see you guys!