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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Saturday to Remember

This past Saturday Bryan and I got free tickets to the BYU basketball game at the Energy Solutions Arena, in Salt Lake City so we decided to make a day of it. The first thing we did was go see the Disney movie Bolt in 3-D. It was a really good movie and I recommend it to everyone! Even Bryan loved it too! We cried. The movie started at 1:30 and the game started at 5:00, so after the movie we walked around the Gateway mall for a little bit. It was nice just to walk around and not be tempted to spend any money (since we don't have any). We then headed over to the Arena which was just right across the street from the mall. We had great seats! We were in the 5th row just behind one of the baskets as shown below:

BYU played Utah State and there were TONS of people there from the other school! Each school got half of the Arena so the other team's fans were across the court from us. It was such an exciting game! The scores were close the whole, with BYU constantly in the lead. We, however, came out the winners with a score of 68-63. :) After the game we went to one of our favorite Maxican food places: Albertos! We used to eat Albertos all the time in California, but the only place we have been able to find it in Utah is in Salt Lake. The food was sooo nummy! Finally we ended the day with walking around temple square to see the Christmas lights. Bryan had been waiting for this part all day. Temple Square was extremely crowded, but I have to admit, the lights were beautiful!

It was definitely a good day :)

I also wanted to add that we have a Christmas tree!!!!! I looked online for all the best deals and found one that I really wanted at Walmart! It was only $35 so we decided we can afford it and went down to Walmart to go get it. When we got there, we discovered that the tree was 6.5 feet tall and started to debate whether we needed one so tall or not. We looked at the four foot ones, but they didn't have what I was looking for at that height. Finally, after about a half an hour, Bryan said "That's it. I came here expecting to pay $35 dollars so that is what I'm going to do!" So we bought the (fake) tree that I've always wanted! It's big and came with lights already on it and it's WHITE! Our ornaments are a work-in-progress though, but I love it! I made the snowflake tree-topper all by myself too! I was so proud of myself!

(Pictures are courtesy of Johann and Deborah who let us borrow their camera. Thanks guys!)


Simonds Family said...

That topper is sweet!

tyler and emily said...

What a fun Saturday! That is such and awesome topper. How did you make that?