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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Just writing to wish everyone a VERY Merry Christmas!!! Today is our last day of work and then we get to go home to California tomorrow! Oh the excitement! We just keep praying that the road conditions will be good to us. Today has been bright and sunny so let's just hope that it continues through tomorrow. It has not been fun having to stay in Utah to work and waiting to go to Cali until Christmas Eve, but we're making the best of it. Last Saturday, Bryan's brother, Daniel and his wife Sarah came over and we went to see such pretty lights in Spanish Fork. They do this thing every year called the Festival of Lights and you drive around this cool display of Christmas lights. I recommend it to everyone who is stuck in Utah for the holidays. It is only five bucks per car and 15 minutes away and you get to stay warm with the heater on. We had fun :) Yesterday was nice. Both Bryan and I work on campus at BYU and we received an email around two o'clock saying that the supervisors had permission to shut down their offices due to bad weather conditions. So we got to leave three hours early!! It was nice, BUT, Bryan had scheduled to take his online class midterm and then he was going to request his final, and yesterday was the last day he could do it. So we walked over to the Independent Study building (in the bad weather conditions that they shut down the school with) and of course, we get there and they are closed! So we trudged back to the opposite of campus to get in our car and go home. We were VERY wet by that time. But on the way to the car, the ducks at the pond on the south side of campus were all gathering around these people who were watching them, thinking they had food, but they didn't. So I convinced Bryan to get bread with me and come back to feed the ducks. They are SO cute!! I thoroughly enjoyed feeding them. They all have different personalities too, it's so funny to watch them. We decided that when we have a house with a pond in the backyard, we are going to buy some ducks :) Well, that's the excitement of our lives. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and that you all get what you wish for. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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tyler and emily said...

Happy Holidays to you guys too! Enjoy your Christmas in nice CA... I'll be here in cold UT just dreaming about it. See you next year!