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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Max - 7 Months

My mom mentioned to me how Max looks more like a 12-month-old than a 7-month-old. Well, that would probably be because he is officially wearing all 9-12 month size clothing. Max is not fat or chubby by any means (except maybe in his thighs), but is rather a well-proportioned little guy. He weighed 19lbs 4oz two and a half weeks ago so surely he is weighing upwards of 20lbs now. He has got a lot of muscle behind that body though! Max is a crawling fiend and will just crawl and crawl and go, go, go all day long and well into the night until bedtime. He used to love diaper changes (and still does), but he's become way more interested in what is going on around him to stay put long enough for a diaper or clothing change. He also loves to stand using anything he can get a bearing on. He's also crawled on top of his favorite standing box a few times.
(The pictures are just in chronological order)
Along with crawling, I think Max could eat all day long if he had the choice. He loves every single food out there no matter how gross. He was only a little iffy on apples and didn't like avocados for the first day or two, but eventually just decided he liked eating too much to reject any kind of food. He's eating purees still, but is becoming a pro at downing finger foods. We only had one scary moment when he was still learning to chew that made me cry and feel like the worst mother. I think he's over it now.
 Max's experience with Avocados. He pushed through to the end like a trooper though!
 I was trying to get a picture of his tooth and this is what he gave me :)
 This happens often because his pants are always to long for him so he ends up stepping on them and they fall down. I love it.
 How I find him every morning and after every nap. I don't know why he insists on crying when he wakes up every time.
His prune (for those constipated days) goatee. Hahaha! It makes me laugh.

My day is not complete without making Max laugh at least once. It's the best when Bryan or I can just get him going and going! He has a super cute guttural laugh that comes from the depths of his belly.
I have videos to post here, but they never ever seem to want to post. Maybe I'll put them on Facebook. Here are some more pictures in lieu of the videos.
 Bryan is VERY distracting during feeding time. He doesn't even do anything, but his presence is enough to get Max to pause during any kind of feeding. Here, Max kept looking back at Bryan between every bite.
 Max randomly likes to cuddle things like this box, his toys, the floor. He'll just gently lay his head down for a few moments like this.
 He is still quite weary of touching the grass and makes a disgusted/confused face every time he does. He has yet to venture off the blanket.
I think the videos loaded!!! Check them out below (and please excuse my mug ruining the shot).

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Simonds Family said...

haha, that picture of him looking back still makes me laugh!

I can only hope this baby will be a good eater like Max is, crossing my fingers!!!