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Monday, May 7, 2012

Ramblings 2: Summer Blockbusters

It's finally one of my favorite times of the year! Summer? Not exactly. I'm not such a fan of the heat. Summer blockbuster season? YES!!! Don't get me wrong, I love Oscar season at the end of the year, but I love blockbuster season far more! May through July always brings out the best and biggest movie hits of the year. Here are the ones we are most looking forward too:

I am excited and nervous for The Avengers. I'm not totally convnced you can have all these big name actors in one movie and still do the movie and each character justice. Many movies past have attempted this and just about every single one of them come out the same: crappy. Luckily each of these characters have already been established in previous movies, so we can skip the introductions (except for Black Widow and Hawkeye).  I found this on failblog.org the other day that I just loved:
It's true. I don't like Scarlett Johansson. I never have and I don't that's going to change any time soon. I just don't see the draw in her. I don't find her very pretty and think she's a terrible actress, but that's a different argument for a different day. Iron Man and Thor have been my favorite Marvel movies thus far with Thor definitely leading the way. Thor just has such beautiful long blonde locks and piercing blue eyes... The Avengers came out May 4th.

I am very intrigued by this version of Snow White (none of that Mirror Mirror crap. What a joke). This movie brings out the fighter in Snow like I have never seen before. The TV show Once Upon a Time has been attempting their hand at this, but they just can't get it done, whether the actress is to blame, the writer, the director, or all the above. I do love Kristen Stewart and think it's about time she gets a roll she can really act in. Plus Chris Hemsworth plays the Huntsman, showing off his long blonde hair again, but much more rugged here rather than glorious as in The Avengers. Snow White and the Huntsman comes out June 1st.

This one's mostly for Bryan. Prometheus is directed by Ridley Scott who is the creator of he Alien series. Hollywood's "it" man, Michael Fassbender, got his big break in X-Men: First Class and though I didn't care much for him then, he's beginning to grow on me. I'm sure not too many of you know about this movie so here is a brief description: a crew from Earth is going to investigate the remains of an alien race that has been discovered. They are in search of a source of communication with this race, but naturally what they find is an unfriendly race bent on human destruction. Prometheus comes out June 8th.

Alas, the one we have all been waiting for. You really can't go wrong with Christopher Nolan, who directed Inception. The Dark Knight Rises picks up 8 years after The Dark Knight leaves off. I'm most concerned about Cat Woman being in this movie. I have never been a fan and from what I have learned since rumors of the this movie came out, noobody is a fan of Cat Woman. Even Nolan said she would not be in this movie. I also have a hard time seeing huge actors in a roll where they need to be very convincing as the character. If you recognize the actor too well, e.g. Anne Hathaway, they have to be seriously good at playing their part to make me forget who they are as a person and only see the character they are playing. This movie gives me the chills every time I see a trailer. The Dark Knight Rises comes out July 20th.

*Honorable mentions: Dark Shadows, Men in Black III, Abraham Lincoln: Vampre Hunter, Brave, The Amazing Spider-Man.


Ashley and Aaron Daley said...

The Avengers is an amazing movie! We saw it opening night and LOVED it. :)

bryankicks said...

So Chris Hemsworth huh? Honey, I think we need to talk :)