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Friday, May 25, 2012

Turning Eight Months

Our Maxi-Max turned 8 months old today! He is such a cutie bears and I seriously just can't get enough of him. He currently has three teeth: two bottom middle incisors and two top incisors (not the big middle ones, but the ones on either side of them. Funny.). Teeth cutting don't seem to bother him anymore. Only the first one affected his attitude and sleep. He's getting more vocal and has such a high pitched adorable voice. He still doesn't babble though and doesn't use consonants. Hopefully it's nothing to worry about now. He's very independent, yet very attached to me. He'll have so much fun playing by himself or with Bryan, forgetting I'm around, then when he hears me say something he starts to freak out and comes dashing to find me. He's still a great eater and is able to feed himself dry finger foods. Sometimes I worry he likes food so much that he doesn't know when to stop eating! He still crawls like a pro and his cute behind waddles when he crawls. He loves being chased too.
 Max more than loves this swing. I spent at least 15 minutes pushing him in it and he didn't stop smiling and laughing once. He was laughing so much that he couldn't be bothered to swallow and his drool would catch the wind
 I had such a wonderful first Mother's Day! Bryan and Max made sure to make it special for me with frozen yogurt on Saturday and on Sunday Bryan made me crepes for dinner with Nutella and bananas. Sooo yummy! :)
 Max still won't go out onto the grass, even when I stood out there out of his reach. He just crawled to the edge and cautiously touched the grass. He at least has stopped screaming when I sit him on it to put the blanket down.
 He is officially out of the bath tub chair. I don't know what took me so long to get rid of it.
 Can you tell he loves it?? *(My favorite picture ever of the two of them)
-Below: laid out only a couple of blankets for him to crawl out on the deck, but he managed to get a huge splinter despite barely any of the wood showing, so now we'll lay out 4-5 blankets so he can crawl in and out without splintering. It makes him happy, which makes us happy.
 Our future concert pianist.
 - Below: Grandpa and Abuela bought this musical table for Max. I think he likes it.
 Spokane has this awesome carousel downtown that's only two bucks to ride and free for babies. I picked a stationary animal just in case Max didn't like it, but he had so much fun that I think we'll ride a horse next time.
Grandpa and Abuela are visiting. Max was wary at first, but he's gotten used to them pretty quickly.. You can't get Max's attention for anything when we go out. He loves being outside more than anything.

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Dan and Kristin said...

:) he's getting so big! You look so happy!