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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Strawberry Picking

There are tons of farms around here where you can just go and pick your own fruits and veggies.  One farm in particular was having a Strawberry Celebration today where they had music, rides, and strawberries galore, just ripe for the picking!  We almost turned around and went home though because we stopped at three farms on the way that had strawberry signs up, but none of them were doing what they call "U-pick" that day (for strawberries anyway).  The website, unfortunately, didn't list the name of the individual farm we were looking for and it was so HOT today, we almost didn't see it being worth the trouble of finding.  It turned out it was the furthest farm in the series.  So we get there and see this HUGE field of strawberries:
We were still a little skeptical, but we took the tractor ride to the end of the farm and started seeing strawberries everywhere.  Once we started picking, we got really excited.
 On the tractor ride.  You can see Max's new teeth! Well, new tooth.  I right one is just barely poking through.
Max did really well, despite it being, no kidding, the hottest day we've had all summer.  It was around 91 degrees and the sun was just beating down on us. 
Bryan and his hot self going for the dig.
You can't tell as much in the picture, but poor Max's face was all red from the heat.  Thank goodness I put sunscreen on us before we went out.  (If you think his is red, you should have seen mine...and then you should have seen Bryan's...his was normal...h the perks of being a full-blooded Spaniard). Oh, and another view of Max's new teeth/tooth.
Our "stash".  We only picked a little over a pound's worth, but we wanted to get Max out of the sun and we ourselves were sweating like pigs out there.  We did feel kind of pathetic because everyone was walking around with their boxes completely full.  Also, we realized how picky we must have been being because all these other people had deformed, super tiny, yellowing ones in addition to the bright red, juicy ones like we have.  I think I think nest time I want to find a farm with a bigger picking variety and get a few fresh onions and other stuff too.  Oh yeah, these are seriously THE BEST strawberries I have had in my entire life!!  I don;t usually like them because of their bitterness, but the are so sweet it's like they were made with sugar!

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