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Sunday, July 1, 2012

9 Months

9 month stats
Weight:  20lbs 1oz - 50th percentile
Height:  28" - 50th percentile
Head:  45cm - 50th percentile

My baby boy is perfectly proportioned all around.  Max is doing fantastic and I seriously don't think I can love him any more than I do now (though I think that pretty much every single day).  We had his doctor's appointment and though Max has dropped in weight percentile, the doctor said that's normal around this time and will be that way until he's full on eating normal table foods like the rest of us.  He didn't need shots! YAY! But he did have to get pricked to check his iron (he didn't even notice!) which is good. A few things about Max:
-  He LOVES balls and will chase them around the apartment all day long.
-  He loves being chased by us.
-  He's really good at entertaining himself, which makes me feel like a lazy mom sometimes, but hey, if he's happy! (PS. I do spend lots of time playing with him too though)
-  His language is pretty behind. He's very vocal, but doesn't babble, so we have to take him in to get a hearing and a speech test. Though, just as we expressed our concerns to the doctor, that day he started saying "bleh" which is a huge improvement from him usual "huh". Bryan and I think since he's developed physically so quickly (bearing weight on his legs, rolling, crawling, standing earlier than typical) that his language has just kind of lagged behind because of it.
-  Bryan's inclusion in this post "He's the best in the world!".
-  His two front middle teeth are finally coming in.  It's been about a week though and they still haven't cut through.  Hopefully it happens soon.
-  He loves outings.  He doesn't care where we go, he just loves observing the world.
-  He loves to go swimming despite it being pretty cold sometimes.
-  He loves swinging in the swing and just kicks his feet like crazy pretty much the whole time.
-  He turns toward music any time it's on.  He won't pay any attention to the tv usually, but when music comes on the tv, he instantly turns towards it and won't turn away until it's over.
-  He LOVES to give us kisses. Anytime we ask for one, he always gives it (unless he's really distracted).  When I go to put him down for a nap while I'm singing to him, he'll often just kiss me over and over again even though he's already half asleep.
-  He also loves being kissed and will just let us kiss him over and over again.
-  He still loves any and every food, but I think he's getting sick of me feeding him all the time and would rather do it himself.  The problem is, he only knows how to feed himself finger foods.  I tried giving him the spoon and the bowl, but he hasn't figured out that the spoon needs to go in the bowl and then to his mouth.  I think he's just used to food magically being on the spoon already when he grabs it.
We loves our baby so much and can't imagine our lives without him.  Thank goodness he's going to be with us forever!!
 I discovered these foam letter stick to Max's wet skin.  Bryan thought this was mean of me to do.  I thought it was cute :)
 This was a GREASY meal!  I wish I had a picture of the other side of his head where he kept touching with his greasy hands.  It was gross.
 Max had an allergic reaction and got all red and swollen around his mouth.  The culprit?  Honey.  We know he's not allowed any, but Bryan fed him some graham crackers, not realizing there was honey in them.  Max didn't care one bit.
 At the awesome Cat Tails Zoo where they have tons of tigers mostly and a bunch of other big cats...and one bear.  All of their cages are as close to you as this white tiger's cage.
 Abuela and Grandpa
 Our Dodgers jerseys before we headed to Seattle to see some Dodgers vs Mariners games.  Funny note, Max's very first baseball/Dodger game and he saw a no hitter...against the Dodgers.
 Papa and Grandma Jones
 I feel like I should caption all the photos now since I did all the previous ones...
 How much he grew after all the grandparents left (about 4 weeks).  Don't worry, we lowered the crib before we put him to sleep in it again.
 Father's day. I love these guys :)
 Pictures of Max's fangs. 
 First time swimming!!
 All he did was splash the whole time and enjoyed hanging on the side of the pool.
 I heard complaining and came and found Max INSIDE the bottom oven drawer. Luckily it doesn't heat up when the oven's on because I was actually cooking something...though door was a bit hot.  I felt bad about that.  I also felt really bad because he was complaining/whining/on the verge of crying.  When he saw me, he got happy because he knew I would get him out.  Instead I ran and got the camera and he started crying again.  Then smiled when I pointed the camera at him.  Silly boy.
 My attempt to let him feed himself...I think he enjoyed it.
 He always insists on playing in his car seat when we pull it out.
 After enjoying himself and kicking like crazy in the swing, he just curled up in it and was seriously going to fall asleep even though his nap was an hour and half away.
 Max's hair after swimming.  Usually it just naturally falls flat on his head so I thought this was cute.
 His mountain of destruction.  He's figured out it's more fun to empty all 3 bottom shelves rather than just the one shelf he's been sticking to.
 Proud of himself.
 Another quiet time where I turn and he's being naughty.  He's learned how to open his cereal with his bottom teeth.
Max NEVER sleeps on his back, so I thought I would capture this rare, cute moment.

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Dan and Kristin said...

aww I love that you're already turning him into a baseball fan. That little jersey is just darling. He's growing up so quick!!