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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Double Digits

 3 days                                1 month
5 months                         10 months

Max has turned 10 months old.  Not much to say this time around, so here are a bunch of pictures:
 We have a hard time exercising with Max around. He likes to climb all over us.
 Bryan's mowhawk request. Max's hair naturally lays down flat and I don't like the idea of putting gel on a baby's head, but I do put sunscreen in his hair when we go swimming since his hair is so thin and we don't have a hat for him.
This is the "beach" in Coeur d'Alene, ID about 20 minutes from us. It's no Southern California ocean and sand, but it's as close as we can get.
  Max absolutely loves the water and would squeal in excitement when the waves would come up to him.
 They have this super nice park right next to the lake and it's HUGE!
 He was very interested in the kid playing basketball.
Max overcame his precautions about the grass this day and totally took off on us.
 He has started sharing things with us. It's cute with his toys. It's gross with his food.
 In his 9 month post I put a picture of him sleeping on his back (very rare and unusual). This here is one way he usually sleeps.
 And this is the most common way he sleeps; it's either with both hands tucked underneath him (must be a way of comforting him) or one hand tucked under and one thumb in his mouth.
 He knows how to get in, but not out.
 Max is becoming a very picky eater and will rarely willingly eat vegetables anymore. He'll usually just complain throughout the whole dinner until we give him something good to eat. If we're lucky, once he clears away the good stuff and he's still hungry, he'll start eating the veggies. This is him loving cherries.
 We officially moved him up to a bigger car seat. He still had two pounds and one inch to go with his infant car seat, but we've had this new one for so long that I just wanted to install it. Plus, as you could see at the top of this post, he's pretty much outgrown his infant seat anyway.
 The only downside to this new car seat is that with it rear-facing, it takes up SO MUCH SPACE and the front seat has to be scooted up soooooo much that there isn't any leg room at all!
 Our local grocery store has this old fashion tractor thing outside that little kids can play on. I guess we never really noticed it until now (or never realized what it was for), but Max had such a good time driving it!
We love this little guy more than words can express!


Chris & Emma said...

he is so cute! and I love their sleeping picture!!

Dan and Kristin said...

I can't believe how big he's getting! He must be a California Boy if loves the water so much.